House Can Now Request Trump’s Taxes Thanks To The Supreme Court

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Written by Doug Hampton

Donald Trump has been in news for years and not for any positive reasons. Now, the news is about the major blow towards Donald Trump.

The Supreme Court has taken a major decision and has allowed the congressional committee to hand over the tax returns of Donald Trump.

The treasury department wanted to hand over Trump’s tax returns 6 years to the Democratic House Ways and Means Committee. This former president had put a plea in front of the Supreme Court to stop the same.

For years, Donald Trump has been trying to prevent access to his and his business’ tax returns but as there were no dissidents, this attempt turned out to be futile. So, the committee now finally has Trump’s tax returns.

Trump’s Attempts To Block Tax Return Access

If we talk about Trump’s attempts to block tax return access, this has been going on since 2016. When the election campaign was going on and his term as president began, there was already an IRS audit going on.

House Can Now Request Trump's Taxes Thanks To The Supreme Court

That time as well, Donald Trump had attempted to block his tax return details but the plea was rejected by the lower court. After that, Trump moved the appeal to the Supreme Court. This compromised three election nominees of his party.

The argument was that the only reason to get hands on the tax records was to take them public.

In the lower court, John Roberts, the Chief Justice put a temporary retrain on this matter. This allowed the judges to take some time and understand all the concerns that Trump’s legal team had.

This temporary hold was lifted after three weeks. At that time, Donald Trump was the president and Treasury Department refused to hand over the tax records.

But once the reign was in the hands of Joe Biden, the department changed its decision and said that according to federal law, the House Ways and Means Committee has the right to check every taxpayer’s returns. This included the president of the country.

Now The Records Are Accessible

Since 2019, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Richard Neal has been trying to check the records of Donald Trump’s taxes.

He is a democrat from Massachusetts and in one of his statements, he said that the committee would conduct oversight research. Now that records are accessible, the committee would do what it’s been trying to do for the last three years.

Donald Trump, who has recently decided to stand for the presidency yet again is disappointed with the news as the timing of this decision couldn’t be worse.

Now the White House has stood up to stop the decision. They said that their term is ending soon and the lawmakers won’t get time to complete their tasks during the congress if IRS gets its hand on Trump’s tax returns.

Now that the republicans are all set to take house control this January, Trump wishes that he could have turned the Supreme Court decision in his favor. This would have given the former president an edge.

A spokesperson of Donald Trump was requested for comment but he didn’t reply. In the last four decades, Trump was the first American president to release his details about tax returns. He wished to keep his business activities and wealth a secret but that couldn’t happen.

When Donald Trump’s lawyers were contacted, they said that the main aim of the committee is to get involved in public damage.

Trump has always fallen into controversies and this is no different. What comes as a result of this is yet to be seen.

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