A Horrific Photo Shows What An Ant Looks Like In Close-up: Only A Mother Could Love It

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Written by Doug Hampton

Have you ever seen an ant? We are sure you must think that they are so cute and tiny, some may also feel cringy, but the reality is much different. 

If you are a fan of photography, you must have heard about the small-world photomicrography competition. It was only when the Nikon competition took place that someone shared a photo of an ant. The little creature does not look like a needy insect but much like a dragon!

Who Is Behind In This Photography?

The photographer took eye-popping photos, around 57, and captured a terrifying portrait of the ant. The photographer’s name is Eugenijus Kavaliauskas. He is a Lithuanian photographer who participated in the 48th competition held by Nikon. 

A Horrific Photo Shows What An Ant Looks Like In Close-up
Image credit: nikonsmallworld.com

The competition was fears but nothing surprised the judge more than this and comparable short. The competition justified the excellence in photography through the microscopic abilities. The first news was shared with the channel CNN and the contest of 2022 received almost 1300 entries. Around 72 countries participated in the competition and this one, just surprised all!

The photographer, Eugenijus Kavaliauskas, has worked as a bird photographer and showcased his talent in the same. Later he shifted to insects and has incompatible lighting abilities that are only blessed to selected photographers. 

With this shot, the photographer used reflected light that captured a classic and scary close-up. It was rather an angry expression than a normal one. Usually, the insects are seen as cute or weird but here the story was different. The ant did not seem happy and was looking angry.

To talk about ants, there are more than 10,000 known species of ants living in the world and are identified by their abdomen and thorax morphology. These usually live in a colony where there is a queen, female ants, and male ants. The Queen ants are the largest with their wings and the purpose to lay eggs and live for 30 years. There may be more than one queen in one colony.

On the other hand, female ants are smaller than queens and are wingless. With no wings, they are also sterile. They may live up to 3 years and come from fertilized eggs and are also known as the workers or the soldiers for the Queen. They take care of the Eggs, and larvae and build and repair the nest. They also store the food and protect the colony and or are loyal to their queen.

To talk about the melon, develop from unfertilized eggs, and like drones they have wings. They are fertile and want to mate with the Queen. Although male ants are smaller than females, they have longer antennas. After mating, they die within 10 to 14 days.

We are sure you might wonder out of the three, whose photography was that! We have our bets on the queen as she is the main leader! 

One of the most fascinating creatures, ants roam around the whole world and can travel the most. They have been here for a hundred million years and are everywhere. Be it any part of the world, from the Arctic to Antarctica, you will see ants. One more fascinating fact about them is that they have more than 250,000 brain cells (the same as us)! 

No wonder, that ant was aggressive because she (or he) didn’t want to get clicked! This image by the famous photographer, Eugenijus Kavaliauskas surprised everyone. It took the internet by storm but didn’t receive the top prize in the competition. 

A beautiful fluorescent image of the front paw of a gecko’s embryo got the first prize. It was a Madagascar Giant captured by Swedish photographers Grigorri Timon and Michel Milinkovitch. It was a rare and beautiful capture that highlighted the whole wanes and bones of the tiny creature.

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