Holiday vouchers: retirees are also entitled to them, find out if you can benefit from them

Home Holiday vouchers: retirees are also entitled to them, find out if you can benefit from them
Written by Doug Hampton

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During the summer, holiday vouchers are very useful to many French people to lower the bill. While many employees are entitled to it, retirees can also benefit from it.

According to some, retirement is the long-awaited time to enjoy life. But sometimes, the lack of financial resources does not allow you to discover the world even after a hard life of work… To remedy this, eligibility to benefit from holiday vouchers has been extended to seniors.

This device is very practical to leave and enjoy the summer at reduced prices. Set up 40 years ago by the National Holiday Checks Agency (ANCV), these little coupons are a real gold mine for travel enthusiasts. Holiday vouchers generally come in the form of a booklet with unbreakable denominations of 10 to 50 euros maximum. There is also a dematerialized version usable from 20 euros that you can adjust to the penny.

These tickets allow you to pay for holiday clubs, transport, leisure, cultural visits, accommodation, restaurants, etc. Thanks to the network of more than 200,000 professional partners of the ANCV, you can discover the four corners of France. These checks are valid for two years after their year of issue, but are exchangeable at the end of their validity.

Are you one of the lucky beneficiaries?

To take advantage of this “special pensioner” advantage, a few conditions must be met. You must reside in France and be taxed there, be over 60 and receive a retirement pension or an old-age allowance. Your financial resources must not exceed the ceiling set by the ANCV, which changes every year.

Simulations are offered on the site to show whether or not you are eligible. As retirees, the professional activity that accompanied you during your working life will determine your eligibility profile.

For public sector retirees, are concerned:

  • Retirees from the State civil service or the post office (depending on the reference tax income)
  • Retirees from a local authority, via the CNRACL pension fund (depending on the reference tax income)
  • Retirees from the Public Hospital Service (depending on your family quotient)

The benefits granted by the social and economic committee (CSE) of the company are also intended for former employees, are eligible:

  • Retirees from the private sector (via the CSE or CSEC of your former company).

Create your file on paper or online

To order your holiday vouchers, all you have to do is create your file online on the dedicated site or send it in paper form to the address given. The administrative burden is rather restrictive, several documents are required to submit your application.

Subsequently, monthly savings are set up to pay part of the holiday vouchers. The amount will be matched by the State according to your resources. It will participate in savings up to 10 to 35% depending on the income set aside by the retiree for a period of 4 to 12 months.

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