Heavy. Ch. Agius: “We continue to defend proximity”

Home Heavy. Ch. Agius: “We continue to defend proximity”
Written by Doug Hampton

Tirelessly, Christian Agius continues to give voice to many local political issues and in particular that of the single hospital in Lanne, an issue in which he and his supporters, united in the Association for the Safeguarding of Hospitals and the health of the Hautes-Pyrénées, mark their difference.

Once again, it is in front of the Lourdes hospital that they have settled down, as close as possible to the users: “We continue to defend local hospitals. Lourdes needs this hospital, it is a necessity because it there are pilgrimages and this irrigates the whole valley”. For the opponent of the new single hospital project “health is not a luxury” and it is for this reason that, according to him, it is essential to keep the three hospitals of Lourdes, Bagnères and Tarbes: “I think that we are right, these hospitals must remain and they must be taken into account. We say no to the dispensary in Lanne, in the open countryside, with an airport nearby and which we do not know how much it will cost because, when it is is launched, we can always make amendments and it can be expensive, for nothing”.

“Opposite the Mayor”

It does not matter if the funding is there and the land designated, for Christian Agius, it is never too late to alert: “We are the opposite of what the mayor of Lourdes says”.

The distance between this new tool and the users is also an argument for these opponents: “We are 50 minutes from Gavarnie, it’s already too much, what will it be like when it’s in Lanne?”.

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