Gisele Bundchen Supports Tom Brady’s Son Despite Divorce

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Written by Doug Hampton

Tom Brady is arguably the best rugby player of all time spending more than 20 seasons. The NFL star has found success throughout his life on and off the field until he mutually decided to divorce his partner a month ago.

Gisele Caroline Bundchen is a famous Brazilian model who active since 2001 and has been with Tom since 2006 when they were introduced to each other on an as blind date. They had two kids and were married three years later Brady and had a son born in 2007 whose mother was his ex-partner Bridget Moynahan a former American actress and model.

They had a second child born in 2009 following the same year as their marriage. They announced that they were separating after 13 years of marriage. The reason was unspecified but sources suggest Tom hasn’t been the same since he decided to retire and that was disturbing for Gisele.

The Decision Was Mutual

A month after their separation Tom Brady wrote on his Instagram post that ‘They finalized their divorce in recent days after 13 years of marriage. The decision was mutual and he’s grateful for the time they had together.

Gisele Bundchen Supports Tom Brady's Son Despite Divorce

He also added they had two wonderful kids to whom they will provide the love, care, support, and attention they deserve and work together as parents. He continued wishing the best for each other in the future and requested privacy as they need to figure out what next and have some family time. 

With the same amount of affection, they had in the times when they were together, Gisele wrote back on his Instagram post agreeing to what he said and claiming that it was hard for her and him to take such a decision and went through a lot before this decision.

Gisele previously dated the Hollywood superstar and Oscar winner, Leonardo Di Caprio, between 2000 and 2005 at the beginning stage of her career, she called it quit after suffering from depression.

It was also said of their lifestyles didn’t get along with each other as she has Brazilian-German routes. They were considered a powerful couple according to the Annual People most beautiful couples list. Di Caprio was a huge thing for females in Hollywood and till now that’s evident.

Tom dated Bridget Moynahan for three years and split up in 2006 same year he started to date Gisele. The 45-year-old decided to hang up his boots around July due to health and family issues. He spends his final two seasons with Tamba Bay.

His being here and having multiple ups and downs were huge contributing factors that led to the tension and later divorce. Not soon after his retirement he decided to come back to the field, he claims that he felt like he had something left in him a like to try again.

In the meantime, he interacted with legendary basketball player Lebron James and met one of the greatest footballers of all time Cristiano Ronaldo who shares Toms’s same label in different a different sport. Ronaldo scored a brilliant hat trick to win the game for Manchester United.

The sources suggest seeing such determination and dedication of such players made him un-retire as he announced the decision a day after he met Ronaldo. 

Tom Brady brought his son to the game who is a great football fan and met with Cristiano while tom had a chat after the game. These instances show that success isn’t enough to lead a happy life. Along with work, career and venture its important to spend time with family and take care of them, in the end, that’s what all matters

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