Eyebright: What Does It Do For The Eyes?

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Written by Doug Hampton

Eyebright or Euphrasia is a  small plant that grows to about two to eight inches high and grows actively in parts of Europe. It grows in areas near the sea and in the mountains too, but the size of the plant would be small there.

It is also seen to grow in abundance in more fertile soils where it can grow up to a height of eight or nine inches. The stem of the Eyebright is curly, with branches and small leaves that are around half-inch long and quarter-inch wide.

In what ways Does Eyebright Help?

The lower petal of the eyebright is shaped like a lip, and the upper petal has two lobes shaped like arches, which act as a kind of shelter from the rain. Eyebright flowers are found in multiple colors; some are white, then lilac or even purple veined with a bit of yellow. They bloom mainly from July to September. 

To create an extract, the plant is collected freshly when it is in its blooming state and cut above the root. The leaf, stem, and small pieces of the flowers are all used for creating the eyebright extract.

Ways For Eyebright Helps

Herbalists since ancient times have used eyebright in poultices to relieve eye strain. Even today, naturalists make use of the eyebright extract mixed with water to create an eyewash that is used for treating inflammations, pink eye, and eye infections.

Eyebright is also known to be taken orally as a remedy for the common cold, allergies, sinus inflammation, and hay fever. It is known to contain tannins, like those found in tea that helps in reducing inflammation. Eyebright is also used as a flavoring agent in foods. Eyebright is mostly believed to be useful when you have less serious eye complaints.

Pharmacological research has revealed that Eyebright contains good amounts of antioxidants and antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Too much screen time in front of smartphones, laptops, and other devices can cause irritation to the eyes. The eyes might end up inflamed because of this and Eyebright is believed to be an effective solution to these problems. 

Uses Of Eyebright

Eyebright’s anti-inflammatory properties help fight the damage that might happen to the corneal epithelium because of the strain on our eyes due to our lifestyle. 

The stem of Eyebright is used to make teas and tincture drops. These drops are taken orally by mixing them in water. In order to use Eyebright on the eyes, the best method is to find an eye drop with Eyebright extract these are mainly moisturizing for the eyes and remove any sort of drying of the eyes, which can further lead to inflammation. 

Eyebright is considered to be a very safe herb and that is one of the main reasons it has been used as a form of traditional medicine. But like any naturally occurring herb, Eyebright is also prone to certain toxicities and hence it is not advised to use them without any sort of medical supervision.

When you are buying and using euphrasia extract from medical counters also, always be careful to read the instructions on the product carefully. The eye is a very important and delicate organ of the body and any sort of treatment that is used on the eye should always be done under the advice or supervision of a healthcare professional.

People who suffer from a pre-existing eye condition should be extra wary of using over-the-counter products as they might develop allergies faster than normal people.

Euphrasia has been around for a long time and there is convincing enough research to conclude that it is a beneficial product for the human body when used in moderation. 

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