Doctor finds a way to end hiccups

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Written by Doug Hampton

Finally a method to get us out of the hell of grandma’s tricks that never work?

We know all those grandma tricks that are passed down from generation to generation. To pass the hiccups, drinking upside down, feeling very scared, etc. For very mediocre results, let’s agree, even if stopping breathing for a long time is perhaps the most effective.

If this uncontrollable spasm of the respiratory muscles ends up passing on its own, some people may experience chronic hiccups that will disrupt their daily lives.

An approved process against hiccups

HiccAway is the name of a device developed by Dr. Ali Seifi, a neurologist at the University of Texas at San Antonio. L-shaped, it is a straw that is already on sale but only in the United States at the very reasonable price of 14 dollars, tells us I’m interested.

It was in 2015 that he started working there, one of his brain surgery patients having developed chronic hiccups. Although it is known that the inspiratory muscles are linked to the brain by the vagus nerve, the way allowing the control of the hiccups is not well known.

Certain treatments are able to relax the muscles and nerves, but no other can claim to stop the spasm.

The principle of the device

The straw is pierced at its lower end with a small hole, and at the top with a larger one. The straw ensures that by drinking the water enough pressure is applied to the glottis and the muscles causing the hiccups to stop it.

His test on nearly 250 people made it possible to stop the mechanism in 92% of cases.

A method applicable without paying anything

But the biological principles at work can be set in motion without this tool. At The Atlantic, an American expert, Luc Morris, recommends exhaling all the air from your lungs, inhaling deeply and waiting 10 seconds, then inhaling a little more and waiting another five seconds, before to expire.

An effective method for most (84%) of the 20 patients who tested it.

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