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Lorestry announces global partners search

CONCORD, Mass., May 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lorestry, by Alea Diagnostics (Alea) has just announced their search for mission-driven global partners committed to high quality health outcomes for newborns, children, and families. The pediatric nurse-led company is a trusted data gathering and developmental care navigation resource for parents, and is recommended by a leading children’s hospital.

A guest editorial in the June 2023 Journal of Pediatric Health Care, written by a Registered Nurse in Pennsylvania, outlined the complexities of navigating care for a child with autism. “Nurses have the benefit of understanding the Byzantine complexities of health systems and care access, and even they struggle to find help and support,” said Craib. “I can’t imagine what it must feel like for a mother or father without that knowledge base, or living in a rural children’s health desert.”

Parents may not know the questions to ask, what they should expect, how to define health quality, or how to access care. Lorestry has recently mapped links to support how families can self-refer for developmental evaluations in every state and U.S. territory. In many cases, content was difficult to find and buried in state department of health or education websites.

Lorestry is the world’s first direct-to-consumer product that offers on-demand baby and child development reports for children 0-6 years. Reports, which include a data summary, are sharable for consultations with tele-health providers, for second opinions, and for global health consultations – Lorestry is available in 38 countries.

Key partnerships will include leading tele-health, community and peer-to-peer support networks; and companies that can provide child and family genetic testing and counseling (carrier screening, supplemental newborn screening, and longitudinal whole genome sequencing based on developmental progression). The company seeks best in class products and services for direct marketing through their educational content and in-app offers.

About Lorestry

Lorestry engages parents as health historians, storytellers, and collaborative partners for real-time observational data gathering. The company provides parents with their own data set that they can use for child and family advocacy.

SOURCE Alea Diagnostics, Inc.

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