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Cauvaldor still active in welcoming doctors



Thursday 4 and Friday 5 May, Thierry Chartroux, vice-president in charge of health, received a young 32-year-old Lithuanian general practitioner and her spouse from France, eager to discover the territory and the opportunities for installation. For two days, the couple was accompanied by the health team of Cauvaldor, Cauvaldor expansion and the CPTS of the north of the Lot to visit several health centers in the territory. This journey was punctuated by very rich meetings with teams of health professionals, in Payrac, Cressensac, Bétaille and Saint-Céré.

The latter willingly shared their experience, their professional practice, in a grouped and coordinated exercise… They were able to answer the young practitioner’s questions and reassure her about her possible installation. These two days allowed these candidates to discover the territory and its many assets, the quality living environment and the range of services. Cauvaldor’s action is part of a global approach, involving actors in the field such as health professionals but also mayors who contribute to the good reception of newcomers and who are very attentive to the care offer. on their municipality and the meeting time with the mayors of the municipalities concerned.

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