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Written by Doug Hampton

the essential
On the sidelines of the general meeting of the Association Promotion, Autonomy and Health 82 (Apas 82), we took stock of the projects with its president Patrick Malphettes.

The ordinary general meeting of Apas 82 was held on Thursday at the association’s headquarters, 34-36, boulevard du 4-Septembre in Castelsarrasin, under the chairmanship of Patrick Malphettes and Marie Alayrac, director, in the presence in particular Marie-Christine Peccolo, deputy mayor of Castelsarrasin, representing the latter; Claude Jeanjean, Deputy Mayor of Caussade; Clarisse Heuland, deputy mayor of Montauban and departmental councillor, and a large number of members of the association but also partners.

Before starting this body, the president and the director were kind enough to meet “La Dépêche du Midi” and clarify the essential and important points of the GA, in particular its current situation, the projects undertaken since 2022 and those currently in place. It is important to note that the line of conduct of the Apas 82 is in these words: live well at home until the end of life. And the values ​​carried by the association and taken up in the new associative project are defined as follows: humanist, aspiring to solidarity, transparency, sharing, respect for the singularity of the other, empathy, tolerance, team spirit, recognition work, commitment and involvement of all, adaptation and progress, courage, positivity.

“The situation of Apas 82 is very healthy”

Patrick Malphettes, do you want to locate Apas 82?

Apas 82, whose head office is based in Castelsarrasin, formerly called APPS, was created in February 1975. At that time, APPS exclusively carried a nursing belly. Gradually, the association grew. We have grouped our services into three areas. They are defined as follows: the autonomy centre, with the home nursing service (Ssiad), the home help and support service (Saad), the specialized Alzheimer’s team (ESA); the respite centre, with day care for people with loss of autonomy, support and respite platforms for caregivers, and the health and prevention center with the multi-professional health center (CSP), the team mobile health-precariousness and other health prevention actions. In addition, Apas 82 has a continuing professional training organization.

How many employees do you have?

All the employees of Apas 82, all sites combined, number 140 people. Currently, we are actively recruiting in order to complete our teams in place and to meet the care and support needs of the population of the territories in which we operate.

What is the financial situation of Apas 82?

Finances are, of course, an important point. But the treasurer Évelyne Dotto watches over it with care, in efficient and serious collaboration with the Board, the director and the heads of the various departments. The current situation is very healthy and allows normal functioning of the structure.

What are the main projects already launched and well framed at Apas 82?

I will certainly not list them all because there are many. But they all go in the same direction: to make living at home easier until the end of life. Thus, several flagship projects developed in 2022 can be mentioned. First of all, since October 2022, the services of Montauban have been relocated to 2761, route de Saint-Martial, in new premises, designed and fitted out to facilitate the reception of people with neurodegenerative disorders. There is the day reception, the home help and support service, the support and respite platform for carers, offices for management and administrative staff. Another project implemented is that of health mediation, Proxi’Santé 82, which proposes to provide concrete answers in terms of prevention to the population. It is also an interesting tool for promoting access to care for people who are far from the health system.

Now tell us about the projects planned for 2023 and beyond.

The outlook for 2023 will be to continue the development of the multi-professional health center, to strengthen actions in favor of caregivers, to perpetuate the actions deployed by Proxi’Santé 82, to set up a therapeutic garden in Montauban. We also want to successfully set up the autonomy service based on the Spasad experiment in place since 2017 and think about other actions to meet the objective of living well at home until the end of life. It is also important to indicate that the Apas 82 has, since April 1, 2023, a new care system for people in very precarious situations. This is a mobile health-precariousness team made up of five health professionals who work in collaboration with the establishments of the department having a mission of receiving accommodation and integration. Our team goes out to meet precarious populations and provides them with care.

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