Castelnaudary. Well-being: Aurélie Salvador’s vacation diary

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Written by Doug Hampton

For her third book, Aurélie Salvador relies on fun: a holiday notebook for adults, accessible to all. The opportunity for the reader while having fun to learn the principles of naturopathy with exercises to get to know each other better, small recipes, small things to do yourself with essential oils, for example, an oil of care against sunburn, mixtures for infusions. The exercises and games encourage reflection and personal experimentation to fully understand how our body works and maintain good health. “Lots of tips to integrate into your daily routines, to learn how to take care of yourself naturally and independently,” says the author. It is also about meditation, sleep, serenity, reconnecting with nature but also physical activity and sport. Some advice also with the aromatic kit to take on vacation which contains what you need to soothe a sunburn, an insect bite, or in prevention to keep them away. Aurélie, whose previous work was a recipe book, gives us some of them with summer colors and flavors. The book, published by Alliance Magique Éditions, is on sale for €9.95. The illustrations are by Stéphanie Gras for a magnificent result. To take absolutely in the suitcase of the holidays.


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