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Castelnau d’Auzan Labarrère. Inauguration of the Gers Red Cross dental bus



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For the people of Gers who have difficulty finding a dentist, a dental bus equipped by the Red Cross now crisscrosses the department.

If you can’t go to the dentist, the dentist will go to you… It is true that the Château de Lagardère is located a long way from the cannon of the Place de Castelnau-d’Auzan, where the sky was pouring tears from his eyes this Tuesday. Tears of sorrow to see the medical desertification that strikes the Gers and Gascony, but also tears of joy to see that fraternity makes it possible to overcome all obstacles. The Red Cross could not remain indifferent as it was when it was created at the Battle of Solferino.

But this action by the Gers Red Cross team was accompanied by official bodies such as that of the Communities of Communes, the Pays d’Armagnac, Senator Alin Duffourg, Deputy David Taupiac, President of the Departmental Council Philippe Dupouy (for whom this dental bus project illustrates “Gascon solidarity”), by the Gers prefecture, by the ARS and also by Professor Philippe Pomar, dean of the faculty of Health represented by Mrs Laurencin, dean of the faculty dental.

All of them, with the financial help of the respective foundations of the Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne, of the CRCA Aquitaine, managed to acquire this vehicle which will crisscross the Gers roads to provide care to the villagers who cannot move for multiple reasons.

This dental vehicle acquired by the local unit of the CR of Cazaubon comes to support the vehicle of the Red Cross created in 2014.

Mrs. President Lier received thanks addressed to the volunteer members of the Gers Red Cross but also to retired dentists like Mr. Viboud and P. Fourteau who professionally carried out this project, highlighting that fraternity is not in vain. word in the country of D’Artagnan…

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