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Caniac-du-Causse. The Braunhie club in general assembly



The Braunhie club met in general assembly at the village hall of Caniac. The activity report for the year 2022 then the financial report were presented in turn by President Henri Quenesson then by Jean-Claude Constant. The post of treasurer being vacant, it is Eliane Delchambre who was elected and will therefore be responsible for the finances of the association. After the unanimous votes for the two reports as well as for the election of the treasurer, the discussions focused on the future events that will take place during the year 2023.

The members of the office are as follows: Henri Quenesson, president; Josette Coldefy and Françoise Hoog, vice-presidents; Éliane Delchambre, treasurer; Jean-Michel Constant, secretary.

The meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere around a glass of friendship accompanied by delicious brioches.

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