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Buffalo Rehab Group a Committed Provider of Start-to-Finish Physical & Occupational Therapy in Western New York is leveraging TRAZER in Community Outreach

CLEVELAND, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TRAZER, an innovative leader in technology designed for rehabilitation, strengthening, and enhancing athletic performance, is pleased to welcome Buffalo Rehab Group (BRG) to its client roster. Aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, TRAZER is a multi-patented technology that helps users rehabilitate stronger, improve mobility, enhance athletic performance, and strengthen the connection between their brain + body regardless of age or physical capability. Featuring 150+ reaction-based activities, performance metrics, and data that make it a predictive, prescriptive, and preventative tool leveraged by professionals in healthcare, senior care,  and sports medicine and performance.

“We selected TRAZER because it is unique in that TRAZER is a holistic system, simultaneously addressing physical and cognitive functions,” says Eric Herman, BRG Chief Clinical Officer. Herman adds, “TRAZER gives us the ability to comprehensively assess movement and cognitive function free of sensors or wearables. It also features activities for rehabilitation, training, and enhancing athletic performance – all while strengthening the connection between the brain and the body. We’re enjoying having this out in the community to establish performance baselines for young athletes in our community.”

“We have great admiration for BRG,” says TRAZER CEO, Harlan Lyons. “We learn new applications and how to continually enhance our system from customers like BRG. We are excited to learn more from their team as they use TRAZER in their community outreach initiatives.”

Buffalo Rehab Group is a leading provider of physical and occupational therapy services in the Western New York region. With 14 locations and over 100 skilled therapists, they provide general musculoskeletal care and advanced specialty services for athletes of all ages. BRG is committed to advocating for community outreach through baseline assessments for local schools and adult care facilities. Their goal is to provide quality care and improve the overall wellness of the community. Interested parties can reach out to Eric Herman, PT, CCO, at [email protected] for more information about their baseline assessments. Experience the difference with Buffalo Rehab Group and their dedicated team of professionals.

TRAZER  is a leading innovator in technology that improves and enhances human performance regardless of age or physical capability. Aligned perfectly at the point where biology, technology, and data intersect, TRAZER was designed for physical rehabilitation, training, and enhancing athletic performance. Capturing what the naked eye can’t through immersive simulation, reaction-based challenges, and motion capture technology that generates data, TRAZER is predictive, prescriptive, and preventative. Featuring applications across the continuum of an individual’s movement history, TRAZER is currently in use by organizations in outpatient rehabilitation, senior care, sports, and elite military training.

About Buffalo Rehab Group
Established in 1990, Buffalo Rehab Group is a physical and occupational therapy provider committed to providing exceptional results with an extraordinary experience to their community to help “get their lives back.” With more than 100 clinicians, 14 convenient locations, telehealth access, and an industry-leading commitment to patient care, BRG is Western New York’s premier choice for physical and occupational therapy. Learn more at BuffaloRehab.com.


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