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Written by Doug Hampton

It’s easy for any dog ​​owner if their furry friend is well trained and obedient. Numerous training programs promise to eliminate bad behavior in dogs.

Adrienne Farricelli is a certified CPDT-KA professional dog trainer. She has mastered the art of training the furry friends to maintain their best behavior. Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli is a digital training course that offers simple training techniques to increase your dog’s intelligence and eliminate bad behavior. How does it work? Is the training program effective? How long does it take to see results?

What is brain training for dogs?

Brain Training for Dogs is an online training course that includes seven modules to improve your dog’s behavior. The creator, Adrienne Farricelli, is a certified dog trainer with over a decade of experience. She argues that every dog ​​has innate intelligence and a good training program should increase brain power.

Dog brain training allows dog owners to train their furry friends in the comfort of their own home. The program includes two digital books, 21 video activities and several articles by Adrienne Farricelli. The instructor claims that the digital course is affordable and potentially eliminates the need to invest in expensive trainers.

According to the Brain Training for Dogs official website, the course is systematic and straightforward. The system is non-coercive and advocates positive reinforcement.

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Features of the “Brain Training for Dogs” course.

  • The training course engages the dogs on a mental level that allows for behavioral reinforcement
  • The program can address the root of bad behavior in dogs and provides a permanent solution
  • Brain training for dogs strengthens the bond between dog and owner with gentle and non-violent methods
  • A certified dog trainer from the USA creates the program

Dog brain training can work on the following dog behaviors:

  • When the dog doesn’t listen to you
  • Training a new puppy
  • A dog barking uncontrollably
  • The dog will react, chew on unwanted things, dig all the time, or pull on the leash.
  • Your dog is constantly whimpering or suffering from anxiety

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The science behind brain training for dogs

according to dr J. Coates, Veterinary Consultant, Most dogs lack mental stimulation and have little bonding time with their owners. Boredom and anxiety are at the root of behavioral disorders. Brain Training for Dogs is a digital program that includes a series of exercises and puzzles to keep your dogs entertained and challenged. Adrienne Farricelli’s program is based on the science of neuroplasticity. According to the founder, the brain can shape and change to adapt to new habits and behaviors. The program provides adequate mental stimulation for the dogs to learn more information.

Benefits of the dog brain training program

  • The activities can eliminate the bad behavior of the dogs
  • It can help the dog become obedient and well-behaved
  • It can improve the dog’s temperament
  • It strengthens the bond between dog and owner
  • It makes learning new behaviors easier
  • Physical activity and mental stimulation can improve dog health.
  • The dog becomes happier and less stressed.

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What’s in Dog Brain Training?

The Dog Brain Training course consists of seven modules designed to help you change certain behaviors in your dog. It contains:

Module 1 – Preschool

It is the foundation of the entire course. The module trains the dog to use its innate intelligence to become obedient. Below are the subsections of the program:

  • Users will discover how to maintain eye contact with the dog for better communication
  • It offers proven methods of keeping the dog alert through “target training”. The technique teaches the furry friend simple commands such as turning off the light, carrying a leash, ringing bells and opening doors, among other things.
  • It has airplane game, ultimate source of reward and pleasure for better behavior.

Module 2 – Primary School

The second module tries to help the dog improve its skills and complete the user’s command. Some of the games in the module include:

  • The muffin game is designed to stimulate the dog mentally and avoid trouble
  • The treasure hunt game helps the dog fight boredom and eliminate behavior problems
  • The ball pit game includes fun activities to make working with the dog easier

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Module 3 – High School

The third module includes activities to improve patience and impulse control in dogs. These include:

  • The bottle game supports mental stimulation and enough exercise to improve the dog’s behavior
  • The Jazz up and Settle Down game includes activities to help the dog calm down quickly after intense activity.
  • Bobbing for treats is a water-based activity that helps dogs overcome water phobia. In addition, it provides the dog with the excitement and reward of good behavior.

Module 4 – College

The module promotes the dog’s motor skills and concentration, especially when accepting commands. The book includes games like:

  • Games that support mental alertness, such as shells
  • The open sesame game teaches patience and composure
  • The magic carpet promotes dexterity and mental acuity

Module 5 – University

The module strengthens the intelligence and patience of the dog. Activities inside include:

  • The hot-cold game strengthens the dog’s self-confidence and ability to learn
  • This wild’s appearance can eliminate unhealthy canine behaviors like unnecessary barking
  • The game of hide-and-seek strengthens the bond between owner and dog

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Module 6 – Completion

The module includes strategies that strengthen the dog’s intelligence and motor skills and thus promote obedience. The activities include:

  • Advanced leg weaving skills that will impress any dog ​​lover
  • The name recognition game helps the dog choose each toy by name. It can boost cognitive skills like memory, creativity and thinking.
  • The serpentines and spirals game will help the dog stay by your side and let your movement flow without problems.

Module 7 – Einstein

The dog enters the “genius level” and can do amazing tasks such as: B. cleaning up his toys, stacking rings, playing the piano and dancing to a rhythm. Activities in this model include:

  • The ring stacking game promotes patience and concentration
  • The clean-up game helps the dog to organize itself better after playing
  • The creator of Brain Training for Dogs claims that completing all the modules will make your furry friend manageable, healthy and fun.

Bonuses include:

  • Trick Training Videos To Help The Dog:
  • cover his eyes
  • Dance
  • Bow
  • Pretend you’re dead
  • howling
  • shake hands
  • To turn around

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Obedience 101 training includes:

  • The author reveals “bait” tricks to make the dog obedient
  • Techniques to help the dog follow simple commands such as
  • How to teach dogs to drop dangerous objects

Polish up your training

  • How to get the dog to listen to commands without the food bait
  • The truths about hand signals
  • How to promote obedience

Brain training for dogs

The course includes behavior-changing techniques such as:

  • Proven methods to stop the dog from whining
  • How to keep the dog from digging
  • This will calm the dog and prevent him from chewing and jumping
  • How to stop the dog from barking uncontrollably?


Brain training for dogs is only available through the official website. The entire program is digital and clients receive the course and all bonuses instantly for only $57! Every purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact customer service by email at [email protected] to discuss the return policy or any questions you may have.


Brain Training for Dogs is an easy-to-use tutorial to improve your dog’s behavior. It includes research-based techniques for eliminating unhealthy dog ​​behaviors, including whining, digging, chewing on unwanted things, and uncontrolled barking. The seven modules can give your furry friend less stress and better company. Visit the official website to learn more today!

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