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Bias. Joël Auroux, 30 years at the service of the municipality



He is a key figure in the town that he has crisscrossed for three decades at the wheel of the small van with the town hall logo. With his impressive stature as a rugby player that commands respect, Joël Auroux is the type of outspoken, hyperactive man who does not get out of hand whatever the circumstances. And his somewhat casual air hides a heart of gold that we have come to appreciate. On the occasion of the retirement of this agent of the municipal technical services, a nice reception was organized by the town hall. Alongside Mayor Xavier Llopis, we noted the presence of his predecessors Jean-Jacky Larroque and Michel Mingo surrounded by a few elected officials, the family and current and former colleagues of the hero of the day. In a well-supported speech, the first magistrate from Biassa was pleased to retrace the career of Joël, “an exemplary agent” who entered the service of the municipality in 1992 as responsible for the maintenance of green spaces and technical interventions. After being appointed country guard by the prefect of Lot-et-Garonne in 2009, he succeeded “Papy” Raymond a year later as head of technical services. And, icing on the cake, he was appointed prevention assistant in 2012. His new role? Prevent hazards that could compromise the safety and health of agents.

Established on August 1, 1993, Joël went through the different career grades to finish on September 1, 2022 at that of 1st class main territorial technical assistant. In the name of the commune and to the applause, the first magistrate gave the new retiree the vermeil communal medal of honor as a reward for services rendered. In his brief response of thanks, Joël did not fail to have a moved thought for the two missing mayors of Biassa that he knew, Serge Dubois and Jean-Pierre Seuves. From now on, this nature lover will have time to devote to his vegetable garden and his farmyard. A dinner aperitif ended this moment of sharing. Happy retirement, Joel!

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