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Written by Doug Hampton

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The Balcons du Hautacam nursing home has just welcomed two new coordinating doctors at the beginning of May.

At the end of January 2023, the coordinating doctor who worked at the Les Balcons du Hautacam nursing home had to leave the establishment, having reached the age limit in the public service. However, for an establishment of this size, which in 2023 has 158 permanent accommodation beds, 8 temporary accommodation beds and a day care center with 18 places, the regulations provide for an 80% presence of coordinating physicians. To comply with these regulations, the Argelès-Gazost nursing home has therefore welcomed doctors Bénédicte Rouillier-Colia and Marie-Ode Desrousseaux since the beginning of the month, who will each work 2 days a week, announces Sylvie Bénicourt, the director of the nursing home. . This increases the presence time of a coordinating physician by 20%. Holder of a thesis in general medicine obtained in November 2003, Bénédicte Rouillier-Colia, after having been a general practitioner assistant in the psychiatry department in Cholet, turned to gerontology in 2007. Since 2008, she has worked as coordinating doctor in nursing homes successively in various establishments in the Hautes-Pyrénées department. She specialized in support and palliative care, obtaining a DU in this field in 2013. Also a graduate of a thesis in general medicine obtained in December 1997, Marie-Ode Desrousseaux, practiced in general medicine and occupational medicine many years before turning to gerontology, then support and palliative care.

Since 2015, she has been performing her duties as Ehpad coordinating doctor in various centers in the department. At the Les Balcons du Hautacam nursing home, these two coordinating doctors will be responsible for the medical supervision of the healthcare team under the administrative responsibility and authority of the establishment director. Their presence will be spread over the 3 sites, namely Vieuzac, the oldest, which opened its doors in 1978, and which has 76 beds, including 8 in temporary accommodation and a day center with 18 places, Canarie, opened in 1998 , with 60 beds, including 12 in a protected unit, and finally Ayzac-Ost, the most recent, which has been able to accommodate 30 residents since 2011. As the director of the nursing home explains, “the two doctors wanted to come to work in the Argelès-Gazost establishment because of its size and its specific services concerning the reception of people with cognitive disorders.In addition, the paramedical team is well staffed (psychologist, dietician, occupational therapist) in addition to the entire healthcare team. The dynamism in the nursing home projects and the presence of attending physicians for each resident also reinforced their desire to come and perform their duties there”.

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