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An 8th general practitioner at your service, alternating between Capdenac-Gare and Cardaillac



Since mid-April, the team of doctors at the Grand Figeac health center has grown.

Doctor Bony has joined the team, now made up of eight general practitioners, and will be present at two consultation sites: Capdenac-Gare and Cardaillac, for two days of consultations at each site. Since May 4, a new site of the Grand Figeac multi-site health center opened its doors in the Madeleine Brès multi-professional health center located rue Carnot in Capdenac-Gare. This new site will be open on Thursdays and Fridays with the on-site presence of Doctor Bony and a medical secretary. Appointments can be made by telephone on the single number of the Grand Figeac health center at 05 65 50 22 77. There is no online appointment booking. As a reminder, the multi -sites du Grand Figeac opened its doors in 2017. Since then, this establishment has continued to develop to meet the needs of the area.

With the arrival of Dr Bony, the team is now made up of eight general practitioners, including a doctor dedicated to nursing home consultations in Assier, Lacapelle-Marival and the Bataillé nursing home in Figeac; and five medical secretaries. The consultation sites are spread over six municipalities in the territory: Lacapelle-Marival, Aynac, Leyme, Latronquière, Cardaillac and now Capdenac-Gare.

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