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Alone, she performs an auto-caesarean section: she cuts her stomach with a kitchen knife to get her baby out



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In Mexico, a 40-year-old woman performed an autocaesarean section to save her baby.

Futura-sciences tells an incredible story. In Mexico, a 40-year-old woman, who was 80 kilometers from the first hospital, was forced to give birth alone to her seventh child. After 12 hours of painful contractions, the baby was not showing up in the right position. To save him, the mother then decides to perform a caesarean on herself.

Passed out from pain after an hour of surgery

The Mexican takes several sips of strong alcohol, lies down on a bench in her kitchen and cuts her lower stomach with a kitchen knife. After an hour of surgery, she manages to reach her uterus and extract her baby with the end of her arms. She cuts the umbilical cord with scissors and passes out from pain. Several hours after giving birth, it was one of her sons who alerted a caregiver in the village. Which will sew up the gash of 17 centimeters that the mother had inflicted on herself and will take her to the hospital, a two-hour drive away. She, like her baby, survived this act which remains unique, for more than twenty years, in the medical literature.

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