World No Tobacco Day: three podcasts to get motivated… and stay strong

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Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but there are many ways to help you quit smoking once and for all. Beyond the precious assistance number of Tobacco Info Service, 39 89, gentle methods, or even nicotine substitutes, we have observed in recent years the multiplication of podcasts to motivate yourself and not relapse. As World No Tobacco Day approaches on May 31, here are five to listen to to live more peacefully without tobacco.

“Tobacco and mindfulness”, Petit BamBou

The famous meditation application offers several podcasts dedicated to addictions, including “Tobacco and mindfulness”, thought up by psychotherapist and addictologist Martine Spiesser. In the program ? No less than 22 fifteen-minute sessions to become aware of your addiction, determine your motivations, discover new ways of coping with the urge to smoke, and experiment with new behaviors to put an end to cigarettes for good. A program accessible to Petit BamBou subscribers.

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“Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?”, France Inter

In the program “Grand bien vous faire!”, Ali Rebeihi receives in 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nathan Devers, philosopher and author of the novel “Espace Smoking” (Editions Grasset), and Amine Benyamina, specialist in addictology , to treat the difficulty of quitting smoking. Always relevant as this new World No Tobacco Day approaches, the 51-minute podcast offers benevolent testimonials and advice to see more clearly about this addiction, and offers means and methods that will help you crush your last cigarette… without any pressure.

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“10 minutes to better live quitting smoking”, Majelan

Quitting smoking begins with understanding certain compulsive gestures that smokers experience on a daily basis. In this podcast of less than ten minutes, Michael Boulanger, professional and personal coach, gives the keys to, more than motivating yourself to quit smoking, replacing certain gestures with others so as not to be tempted by the slightest cigarette. The coach questions the motivations of the listeners, invites them to identify the benefits of quitting smoking, but also to list the moments associated with smoking and “to create new habits”. All explained with scientific data and concrete examples.

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Beyond these podcasts, it is also possible – and recommended – to get help via Tabac Info Service which allows you to get in touch with a health professional dedicated to quitting smoking via 39 89, to find a tobacco specialist, and to obtain a multitude of tips for quitting smoking.

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