VIDEO. Staff shortages: the Bon Sauveur Foundation, Albi’s largest employer, is recruiting new employees

Home VIDEO. Staff shortages: the Bon Sauveur Foundation, Albi’s largest employer, is recruiting new employees
Written by Doug Hampton

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With 70 professions, there is no shortage of career opportunities within the Bon Sauveur d’Alby foundation. However, the institution, like many, is struggling to recruit. It organizes jobs dating this Thursday, May 25 to complete its workforce.

The medical world is struggling to recruit. The Tarn is no exception to the rule, like the Bon Sauveur foundation, the first employer of a.

“We are looking for in all trades”, immediately confirms the general manager of the Bon Sauveur d’Alby foundation, Laurent Krajka. “In the nursing profession, of course, but also to complete the administrative service or help with logistics.” On its site, the foundation concentrates the activities of a small town and can even boast of having its own painters and pastry chefs.

Recruit, always recruit

So, despite the usual waltz of departures and recruitments, the institution decided to strengthen its teams to participate in an event organized by the federation of hospital and personal assistance establishments (FEHAP).

This Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., it will open its doors wide to offer, both a visit to the buildings, but also workshops to discover the professions of the establishment and the functioning of the institution and a series of jobs. dating to recruit future employees.

A day that is not only for people looking for work or retraining, but also for students and high school students. “We want to encourage young people to join us, to meet our professions and to encourage our vocations”, explains Laurent Krajka. “We know that we are going to have to manage a wave of retirements. This has already started. The recruitment problem is also broader, many companies are struggling to recruit. We have to deal with a change in mentality, there is a lot more volatility, especially from the younger guys.”

So to try to convince the candidates to take the plunge. The foundation has decided to play both on enhancing working conditions within the establishment, but also on its values. “We have chosen to reaffirm our original values, our capacity for innovation, but also the care we take to take care of the human person. These are strong values ​​that we put forward to encourage people to join us “, adds the general manager who is working on a new establishment project which should give concrete expression to this new state of mind.

A new building project

An establishment project always has something of a major construction site for a healthcare institution, because once adopted, it outlines the outlines of the medical project and sets the tone for the years to come. And after a succession of crises, this work is not trivial, because the bond of trust has been broken with part of the Albigensians.

So, if the main lines are not yet known, the Good Savior has already set the slogan for his next years, which he will soon display everywhere: “At the heart of the Human, Accompany and progress together towards tomorrow!” “Our establishment project should be stopped at the end of the year. It is a new framework which aims to be unifying and which should be unanimous”, concludes Laurent Krajka.

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