Vial Welcomes New VP of Operations, Ankit Agarwal

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Written by Doug Hampton

SAN FRANCISCO, May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vial, a global tech-driven CRO providing next-generation clinical trial management services, has added Ankit Agarwal to their team. Agarwal will be the company’s new VP of Operations. Agarwal joins the team with over 10 years of experience in strategy and operations. He has worked in both large multinational and startup environments, helping create and implement strategies to scale businesses and increase profitability. Agarwal has served as an operations leader in his last two roles, where he led multidisciplinary teams to deliver operational excellence and achieve business goals.

On his new position, Agarwal said, “I’m extremely excited to join Vial because we are making a real difference for our clients and consumers by improving the speed and quality of clinical trials. Running operations at a rapidly growing organization, such as Vial, is both challenging and rewarding, with the need to balance structure with flexibility and speed. I’m looking forward to helping build an operationally excellent, robust, and tech-driven organization that is ready to meet the current and future needs of the business.”

Agarwal is set to collaborate with Vial’s leadership team to strategize, manage, synchronize, and supervise the company’s operations, with the goal of creating effective and economical systems that cater to the organization’s present and future demands. The aim is to ensure the implementation of efficient processes that will enhance operational excellence and help achieve overall business objectives.

Vial is a next-generation, technology-first contract research organization (CRO) reimagining clinical trials to deliver faster, more efficient trial results at dramatically lower costs for biotech sponsors. Vial’s mission is to empower scientists to discover groundbreaking scientific therapeutics that help people live happier, healthier lives. Vial’s modern, intuitive technology platform integrates trial onboarding, patient enrollment, site communication, and data collection processes (eSource, EDC, and ePRO) into one connected system to streamline site processes.

“Vial is building towards a more efficient future for clinical trials. By deploying technology at every step, we are driving efficiencies in speed and cost savings for innovative biotech companies of all sizes. We are excited to have Ankit join our team and help us in this mission,” said Simon Burns, CEO and CO-Founder of Vial.

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About Vial: Vial is a next-generation CRO powered by technology that promises faster and more efficient trial execution for less cost. The Vial Contract Research Organization (CRO) delivers on the promise of more efficient trials through its innovative technology platform that powers trials end-to-end from site startup to database lock. Vial’s technology platform combines modern, intuitive eSource, EDC, and ePRO into one connected system, streamlining site processes and enabling considerable efficiencies. Vial operates across multiple Therapeutic Areas (Dermatology CRO, Ophthalmology CRO, Oncology CRO, Gastroenterology CRO, Neurology CRO, Cardiology CRO, Medical Device CRO, Rare Disease CRO, and Digital Therapeutics CRO). Vial is a San Francisco, California-based company with over 100+ employees.


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