Tok beauté: this blush color will transform your make-up routine

Home Tok beauté: this blush color will transform your make-up routine
Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – Ever more original, tiktok players constantly compete in imagination to offer extraordinary beauty trends. The idea? Optimize their daily routine and – in the process – get plenty of clicks and views. Their latest fad? The purple blush, a shade that would accentuate the good-looking effect of the classic pink blush. A trend tried and adopted by Rihanna… for many years.

Considered one of the essential beauty products of 2022, blush could be propelled to the rank of make-up icon at the end of the current year. And for good reason, it is regularly the subject of trends, inspirations, even beauty tips on social networks. We have seen this in recent months with ‘douyin blush’, which consists of tracing the letter ‘v’ on several areas of the face, ‘under eye blush’, which transforms blush into concealer, and even the white blush that illuminates the complexion while refining the face. Trends all more original than each other, which could soon be supplanted by the ‘purple blush’, in other words the purple blush, an alternative which would be much more effective than the classic blush.

Why make it simple when you can stand out? True leitmotif for users of the Chinese social network, singularity, not to say eccentricity, is now their strike force. However, it remains to not exceed certain limits, in other words not to offer tips that are dangerous or harmful to health. This is of course not the case with the ‘purple blush’, as harmless – as much as possible – as the classic pink blush, and yet not very commonplace. “Bold”, or “bold” in English, is also the most used adjective on TikTok to describe this new make-up gesture which is clearly unanimous. The craze is such that the hashtag #purpleblush has already generated more than 60 million views on the Chinese social network, and that’s without counting on its derivatives which are also multiplying at great speed.

On TikTok, there are many renowned influencers who have already experimented and adopted this most original trend, starting with the Americans Mikayla Nogueira, Sarah Wolak, and Aidette Cancino, who have largely contributed to popularizing it. The advantage of this trick lies in its simplicity, since it does not require any particular technique except that of knowing how to apply blush. It will be understood, only the shade of the product changes, it is therefore necessary to invest in a new purple, lavender, lilac, mauve, eggplant, or possibly plum blush, before testing this new beauty routine.

On the rendering side, unsurprisingly, it is the audacious nature of the purple blush that prevails, but this is not the only advantage, according to the users of the social network. The ‘purple blush’ would offer an even more convincing healthy glow effect than the classic blush, and, not insignificantly, would suit absolutely all skin tones. Be careful, however, to choose the right variation of purple for the desired rendering – understand lighter for the lightest skin tones. The only downside, although anecdotal, while some tiktokers take credit for highlighting this beauty trend, it should be noted that there is nothing innovative about it… Some celebrities, like Rihanna, the have even adopted for many years.

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