Tok beauté: ‘multi-use makeup’, the ultimate trick for quick and inexpensive beauty

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Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – Are foundations, concealers and other eye shadows living their last moments? One could imagine it if we believe the latest beauty tip that has gone viral on TikTok, the ‘multi-use makeup’, which consists of using only one and unique product for the entire beauty treatment. A gesture synonymous with saving time and money, which also contributes to preserving the environment by ridding the bathroom of a good dose of plastic.

Why bother with a whole beauty kit when a single product can largely do the trick? This is the question that TikTok users seem to be asking themselves for a few weeks, swearing only by the ‘multi-use makeup’, in other words the multi-use makeup, which is a hit on the Chinese social network. And if we know today all and all these products intended to dress the eyes, as much as to enhance the cheekbones or sublimate the complexion, it is a completely different trick that hides behind this trend at the origin of over seven million views.

The revenge of the lipstick

User @EhlieLuna, followed by more than 35,000 followers, is the author of one of the tutorials dedicated to ‘multi-use makeup’ which generated the most views, more than 650,000 to be precise. On this short video, we see her make up entirely with a single product, in this case a matte liquid lipstick that we owe to the Sephora brand. And contrary to what one might think, it is not just for the young woman to sublimate her lips, but to use the said product as an eye shadow and blush. A nice revenge for the lipstick that we thought had fallen into oblivion under the effect of the confinements and the wearing of the mask. The trick has not gone unnoticed, and is even unanimous today, if only because it saves time and money while acting for the planet, in view of the many comments posted under the video.

“I’m very impressed, it’s beautiful”, “I’m going to do that now, thanks for the tip!”, “As a follower of minimalist makeup, I need it immediately”, ” I don’t know why I never thought of using a product for anything other than what it says,” are among the many rave reviews posted for the user. One downside, however, to take into account, you have to be very careful when using the same product for the entire face and eyes, to avoid any allergic reaction or infection. Still, the result is stunning, even if it should be noted that the shade of lipstick chosen must absolutely suit your skin tone, otherwise this trick could simply and simply weigh down your beauty.

Misappropriation of products, a fad

This is not the first time, far from it, that users of the Chinese social network have fun diverting a beauty product, or any other object, from its initial function. In recent years, tiktokeurs have been competing in imagination and inventiveness to achieve a smoky eye using a lip pencil, swap their foundation base for an intimate lubricant, use an eyebrow pencil to obtain the shade of perfect lipstick, or use a blush to hide puffiness and dark circles. It’s hard to get more original, and yet all these tips have not only gone viral but have also been adopted by the greatest number of people, including beauty behemoths.

And of course the tiktokers haven’t stopped there, they have gradually extended this phenomenon to products and objects that can be found, not in a bathroom, but in a kitchen. This translates very logically into the making of masks, scrubs, and other hair care products based on ingredients from the pantry such as rice, eggs, or even coffee grounds, but also through the use of a a fork to contour or polish eyeliner, a sieve to get perfect curls, or aluminum foil to get rid of unruly hair. So many tips that have – without a doubt – changed the daily life and beauty routine of millions of people around the world.

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