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Tok beauté: ‘Cherry Cola Lips’, the ultimate lipstick shade to adopt before summer



(ETX Daily Up) – Impossible to spend five minutes on TikTok without discovering a beauty advice supposed to enrich your daily experience. However, it is not a trick that is currently making the buzz on the Chinese social network, but a shade of lipstick: ‘Cherry Cola Lips’, in reference to a famous sparkling drink. The shade stands out as the star of the summer, with no less than 2.5 million views.

How can a simple shade of lipstick be made into a social media star? Something that would probably have been incomprehensible a few years ago, but which takes on its full meaning, if not more easily explained, since the advent of TikTok. Result, here is that a shade still unknown to the battalion a few months ago, drawing moreover its inspiration from the reflections of a bottle of soda, is today considered as the ultimate shade, if not essential, to approach the been in style. This is all the more surprising at a time when lipstick is undermined by the popularization of wearing a mask and the success of natural beauty.

Over 60 million views

Whether it’s the famous soda, or the shade of lipstick, it should be noted that the terms ‘Cherry Cola’ are panicking the counters on social networks, with no less than 64 million views on TikTok. A hashtag under which we already discover many tutorials entirely dedicated to the beauty of the lips, with in particular different means – gloss, pencils, lipsticks, or a combination of the three – to achieve this coveted shade. And that’s not all, since the hashtag #CherryColaLips has already accumulated more than 2.5 million views, with the endorsement of several beauty behemoths, including the famous makeup artist Huda Kattan, having already tested – and adopted – this new greedy color.

It will be understood, there are no specific tricks for this beauty trend, except that of determining exactly what the said shade looks like, and perhaps that of concocting it from other shades – in other words without having to obtain it directly. So what is ‘Cherry Cola’? It’s quite simple, it’s a bright and vibrant red, which gradually turns dark red, then brown, like the color of fruity soda. In her video, Huda Kattan first uses a brown lip liner, which she contours and gently blends along the edge of the lips, then finishes with a matte red lipstick to fill in the lips, before dipping. add a final stroke of brown pencil to accentuate the ‘Cola’ effect. But the techniques actually vary from one user to another, the idea being simply to find this shade that has become viral.

There’s nothing revolutionary about using a brown lip liner. Those who were already wearing makeup in the 1990s can attest to this, with one exception: it was then a question of associating a brown contour with a transparent gloss, and not such a vibrant lipstick. Should we then speak of an obsession for very showy colors, or simply for the one that refers to the famous soda? Undoubtedly a little of both, especially since the shade has not just imposed itself in the world of make-up… It could also become the star of hair coloring at the dawn of summer, but this time under the name ‘Cherry Coke’, a simple variant that has already generated 20 million views on the Chinese social network (for #CherryCokeHair). Let it be said, summer will be greedy and vibrant – or it won’t be.

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