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Written by Doug Hampton

Are you interested in reading a genuine Tixee review that talks about the actual facts of Tixee broker? If yes, let’s move ahead.

Tixee is a trading platform designed intrusively with highly informative and extensive research materials. The brokerage company offers its clients to choose from a diverse assortment, starting from multiple trading instruments and account types, and an effective custom-built platform making it easier even for new investors. The different features and services offered by the Tixee online trading platform make it an appealing choice for clients interested in trading CFDs.

Tixee Reviews – A Reliable CFD Brokerage Platform For All Online Traders!

We have all witnessed the devastating impacts of Covid-19 on our finances and other aspects of life. The covid-19 left people in long-lasting distress of losing jobs and loved ones and many financial debts.

The post-Covid has hence seen a rising number of multiple income sources people opt for through different investment platforms and programs. This has resulted in multiple brokerage companies, such as The Tixee platform.

Tixee brokerage platform offers its clients a wide range of services such as CFDs, optional leverage, and spread in various client account platforms and types for traders of all backgrounds and experiences. The CFD broker has award-winning trading platforms, including Social Trading, MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5), and the Tixee mobile app, among others.

Let us now move further and check the Tixee review. 

Tixee Review

About Tixee

Tixee is a regulated and multi-licensed brokerage company that aims to provide traders with the all-in-one encompassing services of CPD trading and a user-friendly platform with excellent customer support, premium account types, assets, and unlimited tools.

Depending on Tixee account types, it provides adaptable leverage and trading conditions.

Tixee CFD broker offers a wide range of trading instruments for the social trading platform and award-winning MT4 and MT5 platforms with ingenious resolutions in the Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Forex, Indices, and Commodities markets. 

How Does Tixee Brokerage Platform Work? 

For social traders, social trading has two options, namely, a strategy follower or a strategy provider, each having its incentives and advantages. The providers have the opportunity of collecting 20% of the performance fees. Contrariwise, the followers have a chance of growing their money by following the verifiable expert’s trading activity. 

The social trading portal can be accessed by all the Tixee clients providing up-to-date information on the available strategies and a leaderboard displaying the top-performing following and trending strategies. 

There are detailed data about the strategy performance, overall generated returns, and the total number of active followers of each strategy provider. The provider will receive a generous percentage of the money every time a follower makes a fund with an adjustable performance fee of up to 20%. 

For followers of the strategy, who have access to a vast dataset from which to choose an appropriate option, the procedure is also intuitive. Performance of the strategy, market exposure, total profit, and trading habits are among the insights. Inexperienced traders can benefit from their peers’ success and learn about the markets simultaneously with greater visibility than ever before.

Tixee Broker

Key Features Of The Tixee Online Trading Platform

Tixee CFD broker provides insights based on technical and fundamental analysis and delivers them right into your trading platform.

The Tixee key features enlisted below in this Tixee review offer automated and unique ideas to fit your preferred currency pairs and trading styles.

  • Multifactor trade analysis

This feature helps you to explore your options using an array of technical analytics.

  • Boost your knowledge

This feature will help you in learning about what is Tixee trading by putting together educational commentaries.

  • Real-time trade monitoring

This feature helps in a greater understanding of the performance.

  • Watch and learn

This Tixee feature helps you to monitor a trade idea to see how it performs with time.

  • Responsive design

This feature is mobile-friendly, which allows any-time access to check on your ideas. 

  • Customized to suit you

This Tixee broker feature has personalized settings with customizable filters.

How To Use Tixee CFD Broker?

As mentioned in the Tixee review, it offers its clients to have access to easy and user-friendly sign-in and login options on the website.

If you are a beginner, go to the Tixee official website, then you need to click on Tixee sign in, and follow the below steps based on the option you select:

Step 1. Click on the start trading or get started buttons on the left and right side of the website, respectively.

Step 2. To receive a confirmation email, complete the registration form by entering your name, email address, and contact information, and then click “access my account.” alternatively, they can call you with information about your account. Both of these will verify your account.

Step 3. Provide a document for identity verification; a copy of a passport, identification card, driver’s license, or proof of residences such as a bank statement or a utility bill that is clear and in color.

Step 4. After completing this step, you will receive the broker’s login information and the option to trade with their demo account or real money.

Tixee reviews your valid government-issued identification proof, residence proof, and photographs as part of the identification process. 

What Makes Tixee Different From Other Trading Platforms?

There are a plethora of trading platforms that perform better than many others but do not have the essential features.

One should always choose a social trading platform that is simple to use and set up, have helpful analytics and have a helpful community of traders supporting a wide range of products along with various finance and investment options. 

Tixee is a platform that is making waves in the online social trading industry. The Tixee social trading platform makes trading more fun and gives new opportunities in the financial market for all experience levels to new traders. There are numerous technical challenges when providing copy-trading features for exchange-traded products.

Tixee, as a CFD broker, supports crypto trading along with other assets on its social trading platform. You can also follow or create strategies, entangling Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar, NEO, and EOS.

From the Tixee reviews, we can conclude that whether you are a strategy provider or strategy follower, you can browse hundreds of active subscriptions and strategies using your favored expert advisors and indicators from the comfort of MT5.

By providing various platforms for trading, such as the WebTrader, Simple Trader, copy trading, MT4 and MT5, the Tixee brokerage platform stands out among its other competitors. 

Tixee Pros And Cons

Before selecting this social trading, it is critical to first view the Tixee review, which helps you to gain an insight into the Tixee pros and cons. 


  • Tixee broker has an extensive beginner’s support and education section.
  • It is regulated by 3 prominent authorities, namely FSA, FSCA, and CySEC. 
  • Tixee platform has a choice of proprietary platforms along with MT4 and MT5. 
  • 100% deposit bonus of up to $10,000.
  • Takes profit and stops loss orders.
  • It has TradingView charts.
  • Tixee brokerage platform has a solution for Copy trading.
  • Supports one-click trading.
  • Tixee CFD broker has a rebate bonus.
  • It has a 1:500 leverage.
  • 24/5 customer support.


  • To change trading leverage, you must contact customer support. 
  • It has no iPhone app for the proprietary trading platform. 
  • Tixee wide spreads between Entry and Standard accounts. 
  • It has a high Tixee minimum deposit starting at $250. 
  • It has many restricted countries.

Tixee User Reviews

Read these Tixee customer reviews for better clarification on the Tixee working.


As a new user, Tixee’s mobile-friendly application has made my trading process easier. The registration process was smooth, and to my surprise, it was quicker and the customer support helped me a lot with finishing the account verification. 


When switching to broker accounts, I am very reluctant and picky. I first had this question is Tixee safe? But, Tixee has surprised me. For the past month, Everything I wanted from trading with a broker has been here. There are so many exotics and minor fx pairs in their Forex trading, which is why it has become my favorite trading platform. Additionally, the availability of the most popular Altcoins and cryptocurrency pairs is a bonus. 


Even if the Tixee website lacks much information, the great customer service has always been to my help. You can find your answers by outsourcing your search to the experts. Yes, they need to make some improvements, but this is a competitive one compared to others. 

Trading Markets Of Tixee

It is safe to say that Tixee broker is excellent for professionals and beginners due to its abundance of educational resources.

According to some online user Tixee reviews, Tixee platform is a good option for people who are just starting because there is a lot of information on the fundamentals of trading for people who don’t know much about it yet.

Still, if you’re an expert, you can trade in any market with any of Tixee’s recommended tools. Tixee’s market includes Stocks, Forex trading, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Energies, and Precious metals. 

Tixee Trading Platform | Where Do We Register?

So, have you decided to use the Tixee platform for your trading but are confused about how to register?

There is no need to buy this from any third-party website.

Always believe in the Tixee official site.

Before registering, it is advised to have a thorough checkup of the product’s authenticity before downloading.

The Tixee broker is only available on the Tixee official website.

Tixee Reviews – Conclusion Note

According to the Tixee reviews from experts, it could be concluded that Tixee is a dependable broker that has made significant progress in the short time since its inception.

Beginning investors have access to a vast educational database, various tools, and everything they need to start investing. 

Even though the Tixee trading platform is still fairly new, it has promising options, tools, and offers that make trading fun for everyone.

The Tixee brokerage platform is highly recommended for everyone as it is regulated by the CySEC, making it a safe and legitimate product.

FAQs: Enquiries And Doubts

  • Is Tixee safe or a scam?

The three financial regulatory bodies regulate Tixee. One of the top regulatory bodies is CySEC, making the product safe and legitimate. 

  • As a beginner investor, should I trade with Tixee?

Tixee has a wide educational and comprehensive database and research resources, making it suitable and beginner friendly. The several bank accounts offered makes it a perfect product for all levels. Additionally, new investors can use the demo accounts for better understanding. 

  • What is the location of the Tixee headquarters?

The headquarters of Tixee.com is located at Limassol in Cyprus, regulated by the CySEC, otherwise known as Cyprus Securities and Exchange commission.

  • How to get access to my account?

Tixee trading account is only available on the official website for sign-in. You can click on the Get started option to Sign-up or register. 

  • What are the trading markets of Tixee?

Tixee’s trading markets include Stocks, Forex trading, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Energies, and Precious metals. 


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