Thirty Madison delivers continuity of care for thousands through strategic asset purchase from The Pill Club, strengthening its position in women’s health

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Written by Doug Hampton

The telehealth leader steps up to provide continuous reproductive care for thousands of women with its outcomes-driven clinical care model

NEW YORK, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Thirty Madison, announced today that it will ensure continued care for over a hundred thousand patients after strategically acquiring assets from The Pill Club. The asset purchase agreement will result in Thirty Madison providing care to those who would otherwise be without options, signaling the company’s ongoing commitment to building a leading women’s health offering through its Nurx brand.

Thirty Madison treats nearly 1 million people, spending the last 12 months successfully scaling its innovative care model to reach more women under Nurx and continue improving outcomes for patients. With empathy at the heart of its innovation, Thirty Madison’s proprietary care model focuses on quality, patient safety, and team-based specialty-level care resulting in an unparalleled healthcare experience.

Patients from The Pill Club can transition to receiving care through Nurx to ensure continuity of care for women and support the medical adherence required for effective birth control. With Nurx, women will have a trusted healthcare partner that is uniquely focused on helping them achieve their optimal health and wellbeing through specialty-level telemedicine. Patients will be equipped with the education, resources, and ongoing support needed to make their own healthcare decisions. Patients will also have access to a range of additional options beyond reproductive care, including mental health and dermatology.

“When we talk about our value of being patient-first, we mean stepping up when patients are in need — especially when it comes to continuity of care,” said Steven Gutentag, co-founder and CEO of Thirty Madison. “We began our expansion into women’s health by merging with Nurx. This asset purchase reinforces our continued commitment to support more women with care that is convenient, trusted, and driven by outcomes. And we have the ability to introduce them to the broad range of care Nurx offers, which enables us to support them throughout their lifetime.” 

Thirty Madison launched its mental health program through Nurx in 2022, which now treats thousands of women with mild to moderate anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and postpartum and menopause depression. In addition to mental health care, patients have access to other specialty conditions impacting their overall wellbeing, including dermatology, migraine, and sexual health.

“Women make 80% of the healthcare decisions, but historically have not been operating in a system that is built for their healthcare needs,” said Michelle Carnahan, President of Thirty Madison. “We have begun a transformation in women’s healthcare experience by driving access to the broad range of conditions we treat, ensuring no gaps in care, and building for outcomes. We have a unique opportunity in front of us, and we’re excited to welcome new patients into what we are creating to provide them with the healthcare experiences they deserve.”

Thirty Madison has treated millions of patients across its brands, over half of which are women. In 2022, the company merged with Nurx to create the leading specialty care platform, doubled in patient size, and expanded its specialty care offerings. Thirty Madison promoted Caroline Hofmann to Chief Business Officer in April 2023, including overseeing the continued expansion of its women’s health business.

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