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“There has never been a trial” … Didier Raoult denies having conducted “the largest wild therapeutic trial known to date”



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After 16 learned medical societies qualified Didier Raoult’s latest report on hydroxychloroquine as “the largest known ‘wild’ therapeutic trial”, the former boss of the Marseille IHU defended himself on Tuesday, May 30 . He evokes him an “observational study”, which has nothing to do with a test.

Sixteen learned medical societies challenged the authorities, this Sunday, May 28, on a lack of sanctions in the face of what it considers to be the “largest known ‘wild’ therapeutic trial”. In their sights, the latest study on hydroxychloroquine by Didier Raoult, former boss of the IHU in Marseille. He defended himself, this Tuesday, May 30, on BFMTV, explaining that he had only used medical data. “There has never been a trial. It is an observational study on more than 30,000 patients, parallel to that of Paris hospitals which concerned 4,400 patients. These data are available and exhaustive. We We only reported how the doctors treated people for two years”, says the professor, retired since the summer of 2021 from his position as a university professor-hospital practitioner.

“Thousands of untreated people could have been”

The latter, who had acquired media celebrity by holding positions, now discredited, on the Covid-19, in particular the supposed effectiveness of treatments like hydroxychloroquine, does not budge. “This treatment has reduced the mortality due to Covid-19 by 30 to 40%. Thousands of untreated people could have been treated. We must stop telling those who have had the best therapeutic results that they do not don’t know how to do. I make my data available to all scientists. We will see what history will retain of the great madness around hydroxychloroquine, “says the professor. In April, the Medicines Agency (ANSM) estimated that the use of hydroxychloroquine “exposes patients to potential adverse effects which can be serious”.

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