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The Prévifrance mutual insurance company shows its good health and continues to conquer policyholders



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Despite a fairly fierce competitive environment, the Toulouse mutual is posting good results for 2022, in particular thanks to its skilful diversification strategy.

Prévifrance, a mutual whose head office is in Toulouse, prides itself on “registering on the contrary,” as its managing director, Henry Mathon, puts it. While many mutuals are seeing their market share decline in favor of insurance, Prévifrance continues to grow. Premium income for 2022 is up by almost 6%, posting €231.7 million, i.e. €201.5 million in health and €30.2 million in personal protection. “But the rest at charge 0 cost us dearly and, let’s be clear, this had an impact on the contributions”, underlines Henry Mathon.

South West Mutual

390,000 people subscribed to Prévifrance last year, i.e. 13,000 more than in 2021. Mainly in the south-west quarter of the country, but also in Burgundy, Lyon and Paris. Among which many firefighters, “it’s a quality indicator for us! “. The mutualist brand has 450 employees, including 200 salespeople, and forty agencies. “It has a cost but it’s a choice”, specifies the director. And to add: “There is no logic in opening new branches because the market is saturated. But if an actor is in difficulty, we will look at his file. »

Diversification: soon a funeral home in Saint-Orens

Prévifrance has a dozen optical centers and a dental office in Toulouse. “And we will soon be releasing a range for self-employed workers”, announces Daniel Fleho, director of development. In addition, the mutual has diversified by becoming a funeral operator carrying out 1,100 cremations per year in Montauban and 900 in Pamiers. The turnover reached 3.5M€. “And we are in the process of building a funeral parlor in Saint-Orens. »

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