The passage branch of the multi-municipal health center is expanding

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Written by Doug Hampton

the essential
Saturday, May 13 took place the inauguration of the extension of the health center which, on the operation, quadruples its surface. A fine achievement, the result of exemplary cooperation.

Before the elected officials speak for their traditional speeches, we wanted to know more about the technical aspects of this new building. It was the architect Paul Vo Van from the BLV2 firm who answered us. We will pass over the too technical details which are certainly important, to retain only
the essential, namely that after work the surface has quadrupled and that the construction was made by integrating natural materials (wood, wood wool) and benefits from the latest innovations in terms of ecology and sustainable development.

Then the elected officials took turns at the microphone. A pair of mayors (Passage and Estillac) opened the ban, and in this specific case we cannot say better, because it is from their close collaboration that the project was born and was able to develop. Their alliance was their strength and made it possible to overcome all the obstacles encountered on their way. Mr. Garcia, for Le Passage, particularly insisted on the pooling of resources, intercommunal solidarity (40% of patients are outside the territories of Le Passage and Estillac) and paid a vibrant tribute to the team of doctors in place and to the administrative pool. Jean-Marc Gilly added to these remarks and highlighted the difficulty of recruiting doctors in our rural areas under pressure. He then insisted on this new path represented by salaried medicine and the search for a balance between professional and private life.

For the agglomeration, its vice-president, Mr. Tandonnet recalled that modern medicine was no longer an exclusive competence of the State and is pleased that the local authorities have taken up the problem.
The vice-president of the departmental council for her part called for the creation of a medicine of the 21st century including the salary of doctors, the development of the coordinated practice of medicine for first aid care and the training of internal. In this sense, this center is a model.

Then, Mr. Mirande (elected from the department and from the Passage) placed his speech in a field dimension. This center is for him a great adventure, it was necessary to dare, to dare the union of two municipalities, to dare to be wage earners, to put forward the notion of public service, to remember that if this service has a cost, it contributes to well-being citizens.
Mr. Farges, sub-prefect, added his point of view on the necessary evolution of the nursing profession and the evolution of his skills towards advanced practice.

And the ribbon was cut

The last word then went to Mrs. Dimeglio who had the honor of cutting the inauguration ribbon. “The centre’s medical team, Mrs Larregain, Laget, Favre and myself cannot hide our satisfaction at the availability of such a powerful tool. I would like to add that we are pleased to welcome a nurse from the Asalée association to our new premises, who completes our offer by helping to improve the environment for patients. As for the reception of interns, part of the vocation of this center, we had already thought about it and it will be a reality in the course of the year 2024. “

For those who believed that the difficult equation of medical desertification had no solution, this center is proof to the contrary. The demographic decline of the population of doctors and the simultaneous aging of the population constitute a major challenge for the medicine of tomorrow, our elected officials have understood this and are concerned about it, it is a pledge of optimism for the future of the public health.

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