The Only Taiwanese Company to win the World Food Innovation Awards, TCI is Leading the Upcycling Sustainability in Biotech Industry

Home The Only Taiwanese Company to win the World Food Innovation Awards, TCI is Leading the Upcycling Sustainability in Biotech Industry
Written by Doug Hampton

TAIPEI, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 World Food Innovation Awards recently announced the list of global winners. With its outstanding performance in innovation, TCI from Taiwan won three major awards. Two natural health ingredients were recognized as Finalists, which included Banana Flower Stamens Extract, and Soba! ™ Buckwheat Husk Extract. In addition, TCI received an honorable commendation award for its CSR/sustainability initiative.

The award-winning Banana Flower Stamens Extract, which contains ingredients for hair growth, was developed through TCI’s exclusive “Bio-Resource Data Mining” technology to identify the essential compounds which not only promote hair follicle cell proliferation up to 2.5 times but also inhibits DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) production and effectively reduces hair follicle damage caused by DHT. Furthermore, the ingredient complies with the upcycling approach, using banana flower as the raw material, which decreases the agricultural waste and mitigates the food loss.

TCI discovered buckwheat husk with 31 times higher rutin content than that of general buckwheat, which can enhance the mitochondrial activity of vascular endothelial cells, enabling the efficient operation of physiological functions in the body and maintaining youthful vitality. Simultaneously, it can enhance the anti-aging gene cluster of human fibroblasts and peripheral blood mononuclear cells, reduce the production of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-product) and effectively resist glycation, demonstrating anti-aging functions in all aspects.

The World Food Innovation Awards, jointly organized by FoodBev Media and IFE, is known as the “Global Food Industry Annual Innovation Trendsetter” and the “Oscars of the Global Food Industry,” with over 2,500 companies competing for the awards every year. The finalists of the 2023 World Food Innovation Awards are global leaders in the field of food innovation, such as DSM, Dole Food Company, and food retail leader ALDI.

TCI focuses on the CDMO business model to design formulas and manufacture high-efficacy supplements for our international branded customers. Through cutting-edge scientific validation and human clinical trials, TCI ensures that consumers can benefit from the products designed and manufactured by its own factories in the US and Asia. Furthermore, TCI owns zero carbon factory in its LEED recognized green buildings to minimize the environmental footprint of its production, striving for manufacturing green products for its customers.
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