The Official Sports Drink of Perfect Game, Powering Athletes with Next-Gen Hydration

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Written by Doug Hampton

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Perfect Game, the world’s premier youth baseball and softball organization dedicated to hosting the highest quality amateur events while providing meaningful opportunities and information to players, coaches, and families, is excited to announce its official partnership with Launch Hydrate, a leading innovator in the sports nutrition industry. This partnership will provide Perfect Game participants access to Launch Hydrate’s revolutionary sports drink as well as exclusive events, promotions, and products.

Launch Hydrate’s Sports Drink sets itself apart with its unique formulation that includes two cutting-edge ingredients Cognizin and L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, as well as an impressive electrolyte profile. Cognizin, a natural nootropic, has undergone rigorous clinical testing and has been shown to enhance attention, psychomotor speed, and memory, providing athletes with the mental clarity and focus they need during intense training and competitions. L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, an amino acid blend, optimizes electrolyte and water absorption, resulting in rapid and deep hydration. Additionally, Launch Hydrate has more electrolytes than the leading products on the market.

To kick off the partnership Launch Hydrate will set up an activation at Perfect Game’s East Cobb complex, starting Memorial Day weekend and running through the end of July. Athletes, coaches, and family members participating in events at the East Cobb complex this summer will have the opportunity to stop by the “Launch Pad” to cool down and rehydrate in between games. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Launch Hydrate as the official sports drink of Perfect Game,” said Perfect Game CEO, Rob Ponger. “At Perfect Game, we are committed to providing athletes with the best resources to succeed, and Launch Hydrate aligns perfectly with our mission. Their advanced formulation and dedication to athlete well-being make them the ideal hydration partner for our organization.”

The Launch Pad will be conveniently located at the main entrance of Perfect Game’s East Cobb complex and will serve as a hub for athletes to relax, recover, and rehydrate. Athletes will find a welcoming oasis equipped with misters, shade, and the opportunity to try and purchase all four delicious and refreshing flavors of Launch Hydrate, including fruit punch, orange, tropical, and strawberry lemon.

“We are excited to introduce Launch Hydrate to the athletes participating in Perfect Game’s East Cobb activation,” said Dillon Houstoun, VP of Finance and Operations for Launch Hydrate. “By offering a dedicated place for athletes to recover and allowing them to sample our four incredible flavors, we aim to provide them with a hydration experience that is both enjoyable and performance-enhancing. Launch Hydrate is dedicated to supporting athletes in their pursuit of excellence, and we take pride in being a part of Perfect Game’s premier event. We believe that our innovative sports drink will fuel their performance, allowing them to perform at their best and win the moment.”

Launch Hydrate is now available for purchase online at and on Amazon in 12-unit cases. The product comes in convenient 16.9 oz bottles, perfect for athletes on the go.

For more information about Launch Hydrate, its groundbreaking formula, and its partnership with Perfect Game, please visit

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About Perfect Game

Perfect Game is the world’s largest elite youth baseball and softball platform and scouting service, producing over 9,800+ events, hundreds of thousands of games, and showcases each year across the country. Perfect Game is dedicated to giving amateur players exposure to take their game to the next level, whether that be in college or in the professional ranks. At Perfect Game events, players are performing with top-level competition in front of college recruiters and professional scouts from all over the country. Because of this, these events prove to be invaluable to college coaches as well as Major League Baseball, as they can scout a large population of talented ballplayers in one location. To date, more than 1,847 players that have played in a Perfect Game event have also played in Major League Baseball. Since 2003, 13,893 Perfect Game alumni have been selected in the MLB First-Year Amateur Player Draft. In the 2022 Draft, for example, more than 90 percent of all players selected had played in Perfect Game events, and every player selected on the Draft’s first day had previously attended Perfect Game events.

About Launch Hydrate

Established with the aim of revolutionizing the sports nutrition industry, Launch Hydrate is committed to providing athletes with innovative hydration solutions to optimize performance and speed-up recovery. Launch Hydrate is packed with natural nootropics and advanced amino acid blends ensuring rapid and deep hydration, while promoting mental clarity and focus. Available in four invigorating flavors, Launch Hydrate is designed for athletes who demand the very best from their bodies and minds. Available for purchase online and on Amazon, Launch Hydrate is always within reach for athletes on the go. To learn more about our innovative sports drink and our commitment to athletic excellence, visit

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