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Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – After the red flags, the green flag, Tik Tok internet users have created this new term: “beige flag”. This new term describes annoying or goofy anecdotes that appear on dating profiles. On the social network, people began to identify and mention “beige flag” … including those of their partner. Explanations.

You must have noticed while scrolling through dating application profiles some rather strange or banal anecdotes. “I like sports”, or even “If my dog ​​likes you, I would like you too”. Well, according to the TikTok community, it would be “beige flag”. An increasingly popular term, which now has 96 million views on the Chinese social network.

Halfway between the acceptable and the unacceptable, the beige flag designates the type of anecdotes that we could do without. If we rely on the definition of the beige flag ofUrban Dictionary, the beige flag is “neither good nor bad, but makes you pause for a minute when you notice it, without preventing you from getting to know it better”. The term was first popularized by an American tiktoker named Caitlyn MacPhil, who had made a series of videos called “RU Beige” in which she gives cues from boring people.

In one of his videos, here are the examples she gives: “Having an opinion on the legitimacy of pineapples on a pizza” or “Having references to mainstream sitcoms”. According to her, these anecdotes are boring because they are seen and reviewed. In the comments, people in turn shared the “beige flag”. We find there in particular the mentions of the type “fluid in sarcasm”, “men who find it useful to put photographs of them dancing at weddings” or even the people who mark their coffee as a point of interest. “Everyone drinks coffee, it’s not a personality trait”, comments a user.

Today, the “beige flag” seems to take on a whole new meaning. Now, Internet users use this term to talk about crazy anecdotes about their personality or that of their partner. In video viewed two million times, a user talks about his girlfriend’s beige flag: “My girlfriend’s beige flag is to announce everything that’s going on in her life. Her stomach is rumbling, I have to know. She’s cold She calls me to let me know. She has to pee? This is becoming the most important thing in the world!”

Other Internet users do not hesitate to use the beige flag to describe the habits of their half who die hard. One of them says for example that her boyfriend used to hang his socks with pins so as not to lose them. Basically, we may be, without knowing it, walking “beige flags”… we indeed all have annoying traits in our personality!

But beyond the crazy aspect of this term, the “beige flag” would also be a symptom of dating fatigue, an expression used to describe the weariness felt by people using dating applications. In an interview with Metro UK, relationship expert Jessica Anderson explains: “People seem to be tired of dating anyone. We’re all busy and we don’t want to waste an evening sitting in front of someone with whom we are not compatible”.

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