The 2nd Annual “Top Pharmaceutical Patient Advocacy Teams” As Rated by Patient Advocates

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Written by Doug Hampton

WEST CHESTER, Pa. , May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice has released the 2nd Annual Top Overall Healthcare Patient Advocacy Organizations list. This initiative aims to prioritize the needs of patients by amplifying the voice of patient advocacy organizations (PAOs). The Advocate works with various healthcare companies, such as pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, medical device manufacturers, payers, PBMs, specialty pharmacies, and genomics organizations, to improve patient outcomes through collaboration with PAOs. The Advocate’s subscribers are looking forward to the latest syndicated report, which includes a new metric ranking PAOs based on their performance in six categories. Achieving a top 5 placement in each category requires significant effort from healthcare company advocacy teams. The Advocate has pooled the total points earned by each organization to generate the overall scores presented below.:

Ranking in first place for the 2nd straight year is Janssen. The Advocate expanded from five categories to six by including the Advocacy organization and professional societies to rank the impact/influence of engaging with their partners in the compliance department of these organizations. Janssen achieved 1st overall with a total of 28 out of 30 possible points. In second place is Pfizer with 22 points, moving up one spot in The Advocate’s overall rankings from the prior year. In third place is Eli Lilly with 17 points (up from 5th in the previous year), followed by Sanofi (up from 7th in the previous year), Bristol-Myers Squibb with 8 points, Merck with 4 and finally Amgen & Gilead round out the rankings in a tie for seventh place with 1 point each.

These organizations all made it into The Advocate’s top five rankings for all six categories, a remarkable achievement both individually and collectively.

This year, The Advocate has compiled a comprehensive list of top-ranked organizations in the Payers, PBMs, and specialty pharmacies categories. These industry leaders are now actively collaborating with patient advocacy communities to gain a better understanding of patient experiences and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, many of these organizations are eager to participate in clinical trials. The top-rated companies include Kaiser Permanente, Aetna/CVS Health, Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and CVS Specialty Pharmacy, ranking within the top five spots. To view the complete list of rankings, please refer to the list below.

The Advocate has recognized Janssen, Pfizer, and Lilly as the top three Pharmaceutical Advocacy Teams and we acknowledged the runners-up. This year has been a great success for all the organizations involved, and most importantly, for the patients supported by the Advocacy organizations. The Advocate plans to continue this effort in the future and share a debrief infographic with all respondents to educate them across therapeutic areas on the insights from our research,” Matt Toresco, the Editor-in-Chief of the syndicated market research program, announced.

Feel free to contact The Advocate with any questions about their data or if you would like to discuss how they developed their findings. You can reach out to the team at The Advocate at [email protected] or through their website at

SOURCE The Advocate: Supporting the Patient Voice

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