A Texas Lady Nearly Dies After Being Denied An Abortion

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Written by Doug Hampton

You all might be well aware of the anti-abortion rules that have been levied on several parts of the country upon turning over of Roe vs Wade. Texas is one such part of the country where the abortion rules were more strict.

This overturning of judgment has negatively impacted the lives of several women who have started reporting dangers imposed on their life now and then. One such incident happened recently when another woman came forward to report how her life was threatened due to the supreme court’s recent judgment.

Recently a woman from Austin, Texas named Amanda Eid came forward to report how she nearly died since abortion options were not feasible for her.

Being married for over three years the couple Amanda Eid and Josh Zurawski faced fertility issues and it took them almost two years to get pregnant.

What Has Happened?

The couple was more than excited after seeing the ultrasound results and considered it a miracle to get pregnant with their beautiful baby but just within 4 months of her pregnancy, Amanda’s water broke. When the water is broken within 35-37 weeks you will get into prelabour.

A Texas Lady Nearly Dies After Being Denied An Abortion

Since Amanda’s water broke within 16 weeks her entire life was threatened. The amniotic fluid surrounds your baby and is normally stored in your uterus.

This water helps develop your baby healthily and keeps them warm and safe by acting like a cushion. The water in the uterus normally gets released when you go into labor.

But when the water breaks prematurely, even before you start having contraception, your body will enter the stage of Premature Rupture Of Membranes.

When your water breaks at the earlier stages you are more prone to experience a uterine infection and due to unauthorized contractions, your uterus will also become significantly weak such that it will not provide a safe environment for your baby.

Similarly, Amanda’s baby was also facing this risk since she was just 18 weeks pregnant when her water broke and the couple was heartbroken because they knew they were going to miscarry. The medical experts were confident that the baby could not be saved even with advanced treatments.

Despite this, the doctors refused to terminate Amanda’s pregnancy since the baby had a heartbeat. Even though the baby will not survive the early water break and the couple will be miscarrying, the doctors quoted the Texas law and refused to induce labor for Amanda and putting her life in more danger.

Although under life-threatening emergencies labor could be induced, the state failed to clarify what is covered under life-threatening emergencies, and hence the doctors, fearing the risk of losing their licenses, are prevented from doing their jobs.

Amanda was advised to go home without any further treatments and was asked to revert to the hospital only when she was sick enough and her life was in 100% danger.

Only at the risk of losing her life on the deathbed, the doctors were ready to terminate the pregnancy and this could take a minimum of a few hours to a maximum of a few weeks.

They had little to no time to travel to another place where abortion laws did not cost and hence the couple suffered the risk of not only losing their baby but also Amanda’s life.

Even after 72 hours of water break, No labor was induced and she developed a high fever and her health went downhill soon after.

Amanda crashed with a fever of 103 degrees having developed symptoms of sepsis and no blood transfusion was accepted by her body.

Only after her whole body crashed did the medical experts consider it a medical emergency and terminate her pregnancy and these barbaric laws threatened her entire life.

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