Springer Nature to Join Seegene’s OneSystem™ Business as Strategic Partner

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Written by Doug Hampton

  • Seegene announces strategic partnership with Springer Nature to expand OneSystem™ Business
  • Seegene and Springer Nature to jointly launch global assay development project
  • Springer Nature expresses active support for Seegene’s vision to promote participation across global scientific community

SEOUL, South Korea, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seegene Inc. (KQ096530), a leading South Korean company providing a total solution for PCR molecular diagnostics, announced today that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Springer Nature to expand its OneSystem™ Business.

Springer Nature is a world-leading research, educational and professional publisher committed to playing a part in accelerating solutions to the world’s urgent challenges. The company publishes over 400,000 articles across 3,000 journals along with 13,000 books each year, including the world’s leading multidisciplinary scientific journal, Nature.

The OneSystem™ Business aims to provide Seegene’s unique syndromic quantitative PCR technology and know-how to scientists worldwide, enabling them to develop a variety of customized products addressing local needs. The goal of the OneSystem™ Business is to create a world free from all diseases, including cancer and infectious diseases, not limited to humans but all organisms. As part of the OneSystem™ Business initiative, Seegene has recently signed partnership agreements with leading diagnostic companies in Israel and Spain.

The strategic partnership with Springer Nature reflects a shared vision of bringing scientists together to find innovative solutions. With the active support of Springer Nature, Seegene’s OneSystem™ Business will have an even greater impact on communities around the world. Springer Nature will introduce the OneSystem™ Business initiative to the global scientific community, where scientists and experts from around the world can participate in new assay development through Seegene’s collaborative network.

Beginning in H2 of 2023, as the first step of collaboration for the OneSystem™ Business, Seegene and Springer Nature will launch the OneSystem Project. This project aims to initially develop 20 syndromic PCR assays with scientists around the world. Springer Nature will solicit and evaluate potential participants for the PCR reagent development project from the global community of scientists and experts, with plans to begin assay development the following year.

In the long term, Seegene and Springer Nature plan to build an enhanced project proposal system for the assay development project. Seegene aims to significantly increase the number of assays that are able to be developed to hundreds and thousands assays a year. However, a typical PCR molecular diagnostic company can independently develop only a few syndromic assays annually.

“The partnership with Springer Nature, a highly respected leader in the scientific community, will allow us to build a network where global scientists and experts can actively participate in developing assays. By developing assays across all fields, Seegene will set the stage to make syndromic quantitative PCR tests more accessible to the public,” said Dr. Jong-Yoon Chun, CEO of Seegene.

“We believe in Seegene’s mission to create a world free of disease by sharing state-of-the-art technology with the global scientific community. We are excited to be a part of this open innovation initiative and are looking forward to enabling scientists from different fields to participate in the development of PCR assays that can have a real impact on global health,” said Richard Hughes, Vice President, Publishing, Nature & Impact Solutions of Springer Nature.

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