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Written by Doug Hampton

Looking to make money through online platforms? Here is the Split Test Monkey review for you! The year 2022 will end; however, for most people, it’s just another year like the last ones. But if you are still unaware of how to earn money online, it might be the most concerning thing this year! Many online websites are released daily, and people step into the online marketing sphere. But do you know dozens of online shops close every day because of a lack of knowledge of the market dynamics? 

Split Test Monkey Review – A Reliable Conversion Optimization Software!

Have you recently walked on this same path and searched for the Split Test Monkey reviews? If yes, you can take a turn and change the trajectory right now! It’s the time to test & tweak your sales process & ad campaigns. Understand what works out for your store & what’s not exactly working.

Being a serious marketing expert, you should understand the value of split testing. Split testing is about evaluating the factors that work out for you and allow you to make money in minimum time & cost. 

This Split Test Monkey is an introductory guide to Split Test Monkey software. Let’s get into this more deeply.

What Is Split Test Monkey?

Split Test Monkey is an incredible app that helps you with Split testing hacks. This is the innovative optimization conversion software that anyone can use to optimize the sales page, landing page, web content, and blogs.

The Split Test Monkey platform is built to serve top-class services leveraged by rich sources for an affordable amount.  

Split Test Monkey is a web-based platform that means you can access your data, and your administrator area and creates new tests from any computer with a browser.

What Is Split Testing?

Split testing is termed the A/B testing method that allows marketers to compare 2 different versions of web pages, such as control & variation. This comparison is achieved to evaluate which version boosts the conversion rate. This is the easiest way to figure out how to optimize the best customer experience by witnessing customers’ responses.

Continue reading this Split Test Monkey review to learn about the software functionalities.

Who Can Use Split Test Monkey?

Split Test Monkey conversion optimization tool is ideal for every digital vendor, list builder, online marketer, blogger, social media marketing expert, and builder. The Split Test Monkey V3 model can also be driven by authors/publishers, affiliate marketers, and eCommerce store owners. 

Key Features Of Split Test Monkey Software 

These are the Split Test Monkey features:

  • Unlimited split test: There is no such limitation to the number of experiments & the number of domains you are running into.
  • Unlimited visitors: Unlike the other platforms, the Split Test Monkey platform never limits the number of visitors & clicks you get.
  • Free charges: To make testing easier, this platform never asks for any monthly fee from the users. The platforms offer some heavy discounts that will make you crazy.
  • Set & forget testing: The Split Test Monkey software offers hassle-free optimization by allowing for running tests on full autopilot. 
  • Built-in reporting: The platform understands customers through collecting data and makes them able to make smart decisions to make profits.
  • VIP level support: Get world-class live chat support from our friendly associates. The training and tutorials on split testing are also available.

What Type Of Tests Can You Run With Split Test Monkey?

  • A/B dynamic snippet testing: In this testing method, each element and variation is rotated directly & dynamically within the blog page or web page. In this type of testing method, every user views the same results.

When visitors appear on your page, they will show only one of the test variations. Visitors will watch the same variation whenever they return to your page to ensure consistency. Dynamic testing is ideal for testing the page elements and the existing pages.

Through this testing method, you can test the page elements like images & videos, headlines, and calls to action, or the entire text block. The Split Test Monkey user can test up to 6 variations for each element during the Test.

  • Split URL/Web page tests: Split URL testing or web page testing differs from A/B dynamic testing. This testing method is completely designed for web pages.

For each Test, the Split Test Monkey user can add up to 6 individual web pages that will be measured to evaluate which one gives the best conversion. It works great to make the most significant changes like page layouts, new designs, offer modifications, color schemes, & payment plans.

A special rotator link will be provided to the users for traffic so they can step into the same webpage each time.

What Makes Split Test Monkey Different From Other Software?

One thing that people want to know from the Split Test Monkey review is how the app differs from other software.

Split Test Monkey conversion optimization tool offers the ideal way to determine the web pages to watch and which version is more appreciated by the visitors. Having this access makes you more able to optimize the marketing strategies to drive the business and improve sales. 

With Split Test Monkey V3 you can make this process easier than ever! The platform is completely different from any other platform because of the proven results for optimizing conversion, receiving affiliates, boosting sales, and promoting products.

Split Test Monkey is a completely web-based app, so there is nothing to install and no coding required. Within a few clicks, you can set the testing!

Split Test Monkey Pros And Cons

Split Test Monkey Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% Cloud Based Software 
  • Split Test up to 6 web pages and anything
  • Easy to Use 
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • VIP level support
  • Built-in testing

Split Test Monkey Cons

  • No Cons Found 

Split Test Monkey User Reviews 

These are some of the Split Test Monkey user reviews for your reference.

  • I have already used the earlier version of the Split Test Monkey app and found happy results. After using this software, my business has grown properly with impressive profits.Jack
  • I recently learned about this through one of my friends and used this. I wanted to say it is exactly what you have seen in any Split Test Monkey reviews. The experience is amazing. Martin
  • In the initial days, I got confused a little bit, but later, I found the resources on the official website, which made things easy for me. I suggest Split Test Monkey to you if you are an eCommerce store owner.Christine

Where Can You Access Split Test Monkey Tool? 

You can access the software only from the Split Test Monkey official website. Many scammers make fake promises that they are genuine, but you should be more attentive before taking any step.

The Split Test Monkey app is only available in its official link and not on any e-commerce websites or other sites.

Pricing For Different Split Test Monkey Account Types

The Split Test Monkey price is $67.00, and it’s a one-time investment. This platform offers 4 upsells to the customers depending upon their requirements.

  • OTO#1: WP Profiler: It is used to speed up the WP Blogs By 500%.It will cost you $17/ for 1 and $27/ for 25 site licenses.
  • OTO#2: Viper Cache: This Cache plugin can make your WordPress Sites up to 10X Faster in 30 Seconds with an investment of $37-$67.
  • OTO#3: WP Toolkit Optimisation Suite: It offers the best-selling plugins with access to over 100 WordPress Training Videos is $97 for one time.
  • OTO#4: WP Profiler & Viper Cache Install: It asks users to pay a Non-Refundable amount of $75. You will get installed with the WP Profiler and Viper Cache on your site!

Does Split Test Monkey Have A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, Split Test Monkey creator offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Split Test Monkey Bonuses 

Split Test Monkey Bonuses
  • Split Testing Made Easy – In this guide, you will learn how to utilize split testing to increase the conversion rate, improve every aspect of the website, where to start, and what you should test and why. You will also learn about testing the offers and pages with common mistakes to avoid while testing.
  • The 6 P’s Of Conversion – This is about discovering the 6 key factors influencing the conversion rate. Evaluate the stronger sales page, split testing strategy, 10 instant tips for sales copy which assured to lift the conversion rate, and much more.
  • Copywriting Crash Course – This bonus guide is all about boosting the sales page & converting visitors to customers quickly. Get the 11 points of success formula revealed by specialist Simon. You will get to know many things, like how to make testing simple and easy, how to make the conversion, and how to construct a sales letter with powerful & proven marketing strategies.

Split Test Monkey Review – Summary

The main goal of Split Test Monkey review is to help many sites owner and marketers; entrepreneurs achieve better conversion rates. You can make split tests easy for any web page, landing page, and opt-in form.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop losing your customers and selling rate & just start testing today!

FAQs: Customer Enquiries

  • Can I access my account from anywhere?

Yes, it’s a web-based platform so you can access it anywhere.

  • Does it offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Is it a long-term contract?

No, you are all free to cancel the subscriptions anytime.

  • Is the product safe?

Yes, this product is safe & secure.

  • From Where Can I find this product?

You should only visit the Split Test Monkey official website to access this product.

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