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Written by Doug Hampton

Here, in this Soltechx review, you will come to know about one of the leading Forex trading platforms. Forex is one of the most popular kinds of trading amongst global investors. This form of trading includes selling, buying, and exchanging currencies in the market for forex trades.

Forex trading involves speculating the rise or fall of the prices of one currency against the other. In Forex trading, cryptocurrencies are mostly traded in pairs. As it may seem, Forex is not always about the exchange of currencies. Investors speculate on the future movement of a particular currency against the other currency in the pair. This is how money-making happens in Forex trading.

Soltechx Review – An Online Broker For Trading Major Digital Assets!

As you are now enlightened about Forex trading, move on to the stellar Forex trading platform, Soltechx. This is probably one of the most uncomplicated Soltechx reviews for your better understanding.

Soltechx is predominantly known for its user-friendly copy trading policy. This allows the traders to copy the trading strategies and trades of another expert trader. It makes the site a trailblazer for a beginner-friendly forex trading platform.

This Soltechx review gives you an overview of the strengths and the failings of the Soltechx platform. Moreover, it covers the various aspects of the Forex trading platform in general.


What Is Soltechx? 

Soltechx is one of the most reliable and open-to-all brokerage platforms for forex trading. It is continuously evolving to become better at its services.

With Soltechx online CFD broker, online trading and schemes of investing have seen significant growth.  

People Behind Soltechx CFD Provider 

Soltechx is an online broker for trading forex and other assets market. Their team includes many skilled traders and brokers who work as account managers for registered users.

How Does Soltechx Platform Work? 

Many of the Soltechx reviews do not include how it works. Here, you get to know about it all.

Soltechx broker enables crypto trading through CFDs and trading the underlying asset, like dealing with Bitcoin and other altcoins. It is a trustworthy online broker that provides the same trading environment regardless of the portfolio size, budget, and experience of the user.

Soltechx users are secured with negative balance security, which means the loss is not more than their account balance.

Soltechx Trading Platform

Key Features Of Soltechx Copy Trading Service

Here are the Soltechx key features-

  • Diversified Portfolio

Soltechx is an open-to-all platform. Any person, from beginner to experienced, budget varying from less to more, can trade on this platform.

One of the key features of Soltechx online trading platform is that it is open to every portfolio size. No matter if you have a small portfolio or a large one, you can trade on this platform.

  • Portfolio Tracking

This special feature enables Soltechx users to assess the value of the assets in their portfolio. One can keep track of their assets in a portfolio to evaluate against the market.

Additionally, Soltechx portfolio tracking gives you an extended insight into your trades and your portfolio. This useful Soltechx tool allows the user to add or remove assets to strengthen their portfolios for the future.

  • Copy Trading

Soltechx copy trading platform is considered the pioneer of this special feature in an online trading platform.

Copy trading means where the users can copy the trades and the strategies of other experienced and skilled traders.

  • Risk Management

Soltechx CFD provider is exceptionally good at managing risk. The team gives useful suggestions that help the users to tackle even the volatile market.

List Out The Multiple Trading Markets With Soltechx

Soltechx Trading Assets

Forex– It involves buying, selling, and exchanging foreign currencies.

Cryptocurrency– Soltechx allows cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

Stocks– One of the many assets on Soltechx is stocks.

Indices– Includes in-depth research, risk assessments, and investment planning.

Commodities– Covers long-term trading and hard/soft commodity segmentation.

How To Use Soltechx Trading Environment?

This Soltechx review shows a step-by-step guide to using the Soltechx trading platform.

 Step 1: Create an account with Soltechx CFD provider.

Step 2: Once your account is approved, browse through various trading tools for a better understanding of the platform.

Step 3: They roll out various webinars every few weeks. These are highly educational.

Step 4: Your Soltechx account will be managed by your very own accounts manager. He will guide to through the next steps.

What Makes Soltechx Differ From The Other Trading Platforms? 

There are many differences between the other trading platforms and Soltechx, which this Soltechx review will unfold.

SoltechxOther Trading Platforms
Copy trading feature availableNo such features
No commissions or fees involvedMay require a large amount for registration
Offers cryptocurrency tradingMay not allow Crypto trading

Soltechx Pros And Cons

Like any other online trading portal, Soltechx online broker has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the Soltechx pros and cons;

Soltechx Pros

  • Access to various assets: Soltechx platform allows you access to diverse assets like forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, indices, etc.
  • Organized market research: The team is professional in organizing market research. Their data analysis is also top-notch and can be compared to any other leading broker.
  • Proficient trading tools: They use professional-grade trading tools to trade a vast range of markets and assets available.
  • Cohesive mobile app: Soltechx trading tool has built a cohesive and extremely responsive mobile app to help users trade on the go. In fact, with the help of this app, users can check on their portfolios, check charts, trade, and deposit or withdraw funds from the app. Moreover, Soltechx traders can now save more time by trading while doing other activities. The mobile app makes it possible. The Soltechx app is also available on Android and iOS devices.

Soltechx Cons

  • Availability issue: The only con with this Soltechx platform is that it is still unavailable in all regions and countries. Eventually, this makes the platform and the features limited to some people.

Soltechx User Reviews 

These are some genuine Soltechx user reviews.

  “As a beginner, I can say that the Soltechx platform is one of the best in the market. Their team is truly cooperating and has helped me learn while growing. They are very professional yet very helpful in guiding you throughout. I have been able to triple my investment in a very less time. I highly recommend Soltechx to traders who have just started their forex trading journey as well as to the experienced ones.”

 “I have been trading with Soltechx for the past 7 months, and I am extremely happy with their services. My account manager is very helpful and guides me through and throughout. I’ve learned a lot, and I can see how far I have come in these months. The market could be extremely risky, but I have overcome the struggles with them.”

 “I have been using the Soltechx trading platform for the past 5 months. I have gone through various trading risks because of the volatility of the market. The interface sometimes can feel difficult to understand when you are a beginner but it works.”

Soltechx CFD Broker | Where To Register And Trade 

To register with the Soltechx trading platform and start trading, you must visit their official website.

Signing up with the Soltechx copy trading platform is easy, and it won’t take more than 2-3 minutes of your time. For a practice demo, you can sign up with your social media platform, such as Facebook.

However, if you are a serious trader and want to make some real money out of their trades, you need to provide them with valid ID proofs and other necessary documents. As the Soltechx account is created, you can then jump right onto the sign-in page.

Steps to follow

  1. Click the Sign-in button.
  2. Enter the required information (name, phone number, email, etc.).
  3. Check your personal information by uploading your ID, residential proof, etc.
  4. Finish the questionnaire to confirm your approval.
  5. As the account is ready, you can then deposit and start trading.

Soltechx Reviews – Final Verdict

Overall, what we can accumulate from the Soltechx review is that Soltechx is a great platform for forex trading and many other asset tradings. This platform is perfect for both beginners and experts.

Soltechx CFD provider allows you to copy trade which means you can copy the trades of the pro traders.

Registering and using this Soltechx online trading platform is very easy. The depositing and withdrawal process is also straightforward. The only issue they have is availability. Soltechx broker is still not accessible in many countries and regions.

In general, Soltechx is a good platform for those who have less knowledge about trading various assets and need a little more guidance to flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Soltechx legit or a scam?

Yes, Soltechx is a 100% legit platform for trading currencies. It is completely safe to use. It also offers low-risk forex trading and social trading.

2. What are the fees?

Soltechx involves a nominal fee for forex trading. The rates depend on many factors, including non-trading fees, commissions if applicable, the main fee for each position trader, and inactivity. Usually, there is no commission involved when it comes to trading in Soltechx.

3. Does Soltechx allow crypto trading?

Yes, crypto trading is available on Soltechx. In new-age trading, Crypto is a popular form of investment as it offers a long-term value and is safe and reliable. Soltechx enables traders to work with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more altcoins.

4. What is the minimum deposit amount?

Soltechx does not have a set minimum deposit amount for starting trading on this platform. This makes the small companies and individual traders start their forex journey easily and unrestrictive.

5. Which software does Soltechx use?

Soltechx uses a web-based platform for trading. Traders can also download their completely customizable mobile app for convenient use. Their app performs great on all Google assist enabled devices, Android as well as iOS.


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