Soaak Technologies Expands Its Holistic Wellness Services with the Acquisition of Thermography Company

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Written by Doug Hampton

TULSA, Okla., Nov. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Soaak Technologies, an AI-enabled health-tech company, is excited to announce its recent acquisition of Thermography Tulsa, a trusted provider of thermal imaging services for over 7 years. With this strategic acquisition, Soaak is furthering its commitment to offering holistic wellness solutions by integrating the powerful capabilities of thermography into its array of services.

Thermography is a cutting-edge method that utilizes infrared technology to map and display temperature variations in the body. It is a sensitive and reliable way to identify patterns of inflammation, providing valuable insights into the vascular, muscular, neural, and skeletal systems. By detecting changes in body temperature, thermography can identify potential health issues at an early stage, enabling individuals to take proactive steps towards their well-being.

With the integration of Thermography Tulsa into the Soaak Technologies family, clients can now benefit from a holistic approach that combines sound frequency therapy with the advanced insights provided by thermography. This dynamic combination offers a unique perspective on health and well-being, enabling individuals to address potential issues early and tailor their wellness journeys to their specific needs.

Furthermore, RenuYou Clinics, also under the Soaak umbrella, will now offer thermography services alongside its existing neurofeedback and other wellness offerings. This expansion reflects Soaak Technologies’ commitment to empowering individuals with the tools and insights they need to optimize their holistic health.

“We are excited to integrate thermography into Soaak Technologies and offer this powerful technology to our community,” says Kevin Cox, CEO of Soaak Technologies. “The addition of thermography aligns perfectly with our mission to provide personalized and effective wellness solutions that make a real impact on people’s lives.”

Soaak Technologies also has plans to expand thermography services across the United States, making this transformative health technology accessible to a broader audience. This expansion is in line with the company’s mission to revolutionize the way individuals approach their well-being, leveraging technology and expertise to create meaningful changes in people’s lives.

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