‘Skinstreaming’: beauty returns to a more minimalist routine

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Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – Less, but better! This is the whole concept of ‘skinstreaming’, the new beauty routine that has been making its mark on social networks for several weeks. If some thought that the return to normal life was supposed to rhyme with complex and ultra-worked routine, it would seem on the contrary that the trend towards minimalism is more rigorous than ever, in the continuity of the new behaviors adopted during confinement.

Beauty experts have been unanimous on the issue for years: it is not necessary to apply a thousand and one products to your skin for it to be radiantly healthy, quite the contrary. It is better to focus on a handful of essential skincare products, obviously adapted to everyone for a perfectly targeted routine, than to set your sights on all the ‘latest innovations’ which are proliferating at breakneck speed at gondola heads or on social networks. This is the whole basis of ‘skinstreaming’ which, contrary to what its name suggests, does not consist in broadcasting your beauty routine continuously on the web, but in reviewing it and simplifying it to make it less restrictive – and yet more efficient.

The ‘skinstreaming’, quesaco?

Unlike many beauty trends, ‘skinstreaming’ is not about applying this or that product to the skin, but more simply about drastically reducing the number of products in the bathroom to enjoy a more effective beauty routine. , and much less time-consuming. In fact, this translates into an ultra-personalized routine according to each skin type, but also into a routine limited to only a few steps – four at the most as far as possible. It will be understood, it is necessary to concentrate on the essentials with a facial cleanser, a scrub, a moisturizer, and a more targeted treatment – this can be an anti-aging treatment or an anti-blemish serum, for example.

And this is only one example insofar as ‘skinstreaming’ can easily be adapted to everyone’s requirements. According to the many videos published on TikTok, some opt for a few specific ingredients, while others focus on targeted care according to the needs of their skin, and a handful adopt the reflex of multifunction products. All aimed in all cases to remove non-essential products from her beauty routine. And if we refer to the reactions of the main interested parties, this new approach would save time and money, and would also be more ecological, not to mention its benefits on the risk of irritation linked to the multiplication of products applied to the skin.

Be careful, however, not to remove any product from your bathroom. “You have to be careful what you take out of your routine. Some ingredients may have been added by your doctor to address specific issues, like acne, rosacea or eczema, and if you take them out and leave other ingredients that can aggravate them, the results may not be favorable”, explains Dr. Julie Russak, dermatologist, to the PopSugar media which highlighted this new trend.

Note that this minimalist beauty routine is ultimately only a summary of all the trends that have gone viral in recent weeks, and which consist of doing better and less, like the ”skin barrier”, the ” status skin’, or ‘skin cycling’, among others.

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