Skin and pit of avocado, from waste to cosmetics

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Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – Hydration, wrinkles, acne… The avocado has a thousand and one beauty virtues to the point of finding it today in a host of creams, oils or shampoos supposed to sublimate the skin, the nails, and the hair. Instead of relying on extended formulas, why not directly use the avocado skin and pit that are most often doomed to be thrown away? Here are five ways to turn that waste into beauty essentials.

Throw away as little as possible to preserve the planet and fight against overconsumption. An ideal that is difficult to embrace, but which is gradually taking hold, to the point of making waste essential. We see it in a multitude of sectors, from fashion to beauty via jewelry or gastronomy, there is a lot of waste that can (very) often be reused. This is the case of the avocado, of which only the flesh makes up our plates, the core and the skin generally ending up in the trash. However, this waste is not without use, quite the contrary, and can even replace some of your beauty products, as the World Avocado Organization (WAO) regularly explains. The latter encourages consumers to take advantage of absolutely all the virtues of this fruit rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

A natural moisturizer

Whether to make a salad, or a guacamole, once the avocado flesh has been extracted from its coating, the skin should not be thrown away, as it can be a perfect natural moisturizer. And for good reason, the fruit of the avocado tree is rich, as we have seen, in essential fatty acids, making it possible to nourish dry and dehydrated skin in depth. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just cut the skin into large strips and apply it to the face for 10 to 20 minutes to enjoy its benefits. Result: hydrated, soothed and soft skin, without any greasy film.

An eye contour

The avocado does not only have moisturizing properties, it can also help fight against wrinkles and fine lines thanks to its antioxidant properties. Something that can be done by applying the avocado peel directly to the face, but not only… It is also possible to use it around the eyes – of course, always avoid contact with the eye – by cutting thinner strips that are delicately placed under the eyes. A good ten minutes is enough – provided you do it on a regular basis – to see the results.

A gentle scrub

Less obvious, the avocado can also benefit from its virtues through its core. This is what the World Avocado Organization recommends, which explains how to transform the heart of said fruit into a natural exfoliant. This requires dipping the pit in water, then cutting it into pieces. Once this job is done, all that remains is to mix the pieces to obtain a grainy mixture that must be mixed with a moisturizer or body oil, depending, in order to obtain a soft scrub.

baby feet

As summer approaches, it is clear that dead skin or calluses have accumulated under the feet throughout the year. Something that pushes some to go to the pedicure, or to turn to masks, manual or electric graters, or pumice stones. Avocado can again help meet the needs of dry or dehydrated feet. Just use the inside of the skin of the fruit, and rub on the places that need a good dose of hydration. A way to have baby skin without cutting corners on your budget.

A massage tool

Fans of natural beauty products, you must have already used, if not seen, these wooden massage balls that relieve the knots and tensions of everyday life. If there is no question of denying their effectiveness, it is clear that the nuclei of lawyers can also do the job. The World Avocado Organization specifically advises using them as massage tools for the feet, drying them until they harden as much as possible, then rolling them under the arch of the foot. A simple and effective trick of the most accessible.

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