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Written by Doug Hampton

We know that the heart can be protected with physical activity, but also through diet. A study proves it once again.

A Canadian study based on international data shows that the introduction of six essential foods into the daily diet can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The researchers analyzed health data from 245,000 people from 80 countries and five nutritional studies.

The six protective food families

And here they are:

  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • legumes,
  • nut,
  • fish,
  • and whole dairy products.

All of these foods deliver the nutrients necessary for a healthy heart and blood vessels.

Healthy food: no universal recipe

However, scientists point out that a good diet is not based on a miracle method. In a press release, they summarize as follows:

We have determined that a healthy diet can be achieved in many ways that do not necessarily require including or excluding a specific food category – such as a moderate amount of whole grains or unprocessed meats can be part of. a healthy diet.

Restricting yourself is not the best idea

And the researchers point out that rather than restrictions, good habits are to be found in moderation:

Moderate consumption of fish and whole dairy products is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality. The same results can be achieved with a moderate intake of grains and meats, as long as they are unrefined whole grains and unprocessed meats.

The diet recommended by the researchers

And they recommend following the PURE diet Healthy Diet Score, which consists on average and for each day of:

  • two to three servings of fruit,
  • two to three servings of vegetables,
  • a portion of nuts,
  • and two servings of dairy products.

This score also includes three to four portions per week of legumes and two to three portions per week of fish. Possibly replace with whole grains, one serving per day, or unprocessed red meat or poultry; again one serving a day.

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