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Written by Doug Hampton

SUZHOU, China, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On June 2, 2023 (Beijing Time), Scivita Medical’s headquarters, R&D and manufacturing plant was officially opened in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for Scivita Medical as it consolidates its key operations, encompassing R&D, production, marketing, doctor training, product display, and experiential activities. The establishment of the plant will serve as a strong foundation for Scivita Medical to enhance its R&D capabilities as well as sales capabilities, further upgrade its production capacity and improve product competitiveness. It reflects Scivita Medical’s commitment to its core strategy of “globalisation”.

On that day, Shen Mi, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Suzhou Committee and secretary of CPC SIP Working Committee, Liu Hua & Zou Xiaowei, members of CPC SIP Working Committee and deputy directors of SIP Administrative Committee, Dr Zhang Yi, Scivita Medical’s co-founder, Chairperson of the Board, Dr Chin To, Scivita Medical’s co-founder, General Manager, Chief Technology Officer, officials from SIP’s Economic Development Commission, Investment Promotion Commission, Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone, representatives of shareholders and important partners of Scivita Medical attended the ceremony.

Dr Chin To, Scivita Medical’s co-founder, General Manager, Chief Technology Officer, said: “The newly established headquarters, R&D and manufacturing plant is a significant milestone in Scivita Medical’s journey, and it will play a big part in enhancing the comprehensive strength of Scivita Medical in all aspects. It will provide a significant boost to our production capacity, allowing us to meet the growing market demand while delivering more innovative and high-quality products. Additionally, the facility will greatly support the training and development of our internal and external professionals, further elevating the standards and independent growth of China’s endoscopy industry and stepping up the pace of ‘globalisation’.”

New Upgrade: Energizing Company Power

As the heart of Scivita Medical’s future global footprint, the design of the new plant considered both the “hardware” elements such as functional planning and the “software” aspects of humanistic care, aiming to strike a balance between capacity expansion, market cultivation, and employee welfare. The main building, spanning four floors, encompasses functional areas including storage, offices, clean and non-clean workshop, with each area relatively independent from one another to ensure efficient and orderly production and operation. The annexe building, which houses the cafeteria and training centre, serves as a dedicated space for external tours and internal training sessions.

In addition, renovations for the professional training centre are set to commence by the end of 2023. It includes exhibition halls, conference centres, surgical training centres, and simulation training centres. This will be a strong support for Scivita Medical’s ongoing efforts in cultivating the endoscope market. Internally, it will enhance employees’ professional ability. Externally, it will improve doctors’ awareness of the latest endoscope technologies and techniques. This will facilitate productive discussions with doctors and experts, enabling us to address clinical needs and optimize our products, thereby promoting the development of medical-industry-university-research collaboration.

Furthermore, the new plant’s office and production spaces feature functional sections, including the “Corridor Bar” and “Recreation Area,” designed to provide employees with spaces for leisure and stress relief. The production workshops are equipped with separate changing rooms for male and female employees, along with essential facilities such as nursing rooms and dressing rooms to meet the specific needs of female employees, further showcasing Scivita Medical’s value of “People Oriented”.

Globalisation: Expediting the Journey into Global Market

As a leading domestic endoscope company, Scivita Medical has consistently aimed for a strong global presence. In the global market, the medical endoscope market is one of the fastest-growing markets within the medical device market. With a market value of USD 20.3 billion in 2020, the global medical endoscope market is projected to reach USD 39.6 billion by 2030. Expanding into the global market signifies an abundance of opportunities for Scivita Medical to pursue further development.

Since its establishment, Scivita Medical has embraced “globalisation” as its core strategy, aiming to become the preferred brand trusted by doctors and patients around the world. Over the years, Scivita Medical’s endoscopes have acquired the competitive edge required to thrive in the global market. The superior quality of Scivita Medical’s products has garnered substantial recognition in both domestic and international markets, with multiple products obtaining FDA, CE, and PDMA certifications.

Scivita Medical has established R&D centres in both China and Japan, attracting many local talents in the field. The official opening of Scivita Medical’s headquarters, R&D and manufacturing plant will further strengthen its comprehensive capabilities in innovation, R&D, and production on a global scale. With a presence already established in key global markets such as Europe, North America, and Japan, Scivita Medical continues to expand its domestic and international sales network through strategic collaborations with renowned international medical device companies. Additionally, Scivita Medical has been actively participating in international industry exhibitions and academic conferences to enhance the market presence of its products both at home and abroad.

About Scivita Medical

Founded in 2016, Scivita Medical is a medical device company that provides minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment solutions, and focuses on the research, development and commercialization of medical endoscopes and related products. Scivita Medical takes ‘Globalization’ as its core strategy and has established R&D centers both in China and Japan. With solid in-house R&D capabilities, Scivita Medical has established a unique technology platform built upon five synergistic core technologies, and built a comprehensive portfolio of endoscope products and products candidates covering all types of endoscope procedures conducted by the various clinical departments, to address diverse medical needs. Adhering its value of ‘Clinical Focus’ ‘Collaborative Innovation’ ‘People Oriented’ ‘Excellence & Efficiency’, Scivita Medical will continuously upgrade its core technologies, improve market penetration with excellent products, and to be the preferred brand trusted by doctors and patients around the world.

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