Live Russia-Ukraine Updates: Polish President Says Rocket May Have Come From Russia

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Written by Doug Hampton

The tension between Russia and Ukraine has been escalating for a long time. But the situation was aggravated to a great extent when a missile was dropped on the Ukraine border.

Two people have been reported to have been killed in this attack up till now. This incident has attracted considerable international attention because it has been for the first time in 9 years that an attack has been waged upon a country that has already ratified NATO. Since the Missile fell upon the Ukraine border, significant effects of the same were reported across Poland. 

In such a situation, speculations are being made concerning the country that might have launched this Missile. According to the president of Poland, there is an excellent possibility that Russia has introduced this Missile.

At the same time, Russia has ultimately denied any such kind of responsibility for the time being. According to some of the ministers, it has also been reported that even if Russia were not directly responsible for this attack, the country that might have launched this Missile would have received a sufficient amount of provocation from Russia.

But there is no concrete evidence to support any of the Conclusions, and negotiations between the countries are underway. 

What Are The Other Possibilities? 

It is also reported that the trajectory and the functioning of the Missile do not disclose that it was Russia behind the attack.

Live Russia-Ukraine Updates Polish President Says Rocket May Have Come From Russia

The preliminary assessment of the entire situation also did not provide any evidence against Russia being involved in this attack.

No doubt an illegal war is continuing, but there is less probability of Russia being behind this incident. The air defense missile did not even reveal The trademark of Russia. 

Many countries also believe that this Missile was a trap by Ukraine to gain public sympathy because not much loss was reported after the Missile was launched. If this is the case, then international action is bound to take place against Ukraine and its condition is likely to deteriorate to a great extent.

In light of this situation, a joint study has been ordered by all the alliances of NATO so that the truth can be discovered in the minimum amount of time.

If Ukraine is involved in this incident, then all the countries will collaborate with Russia to teach it a lesson so that it does not indulge in such activities which tend to disturb the peace of the country. 

Renewal Of The Deal

The possibilities of settlement had already been reduced to a great extent and this missile attack complicated the situation.

It is not known whether a solution will be developed in this respect. The investigation has already been started and every possible attempt is being made to find the actual cause behind the issue. 

It is only with the help of this perspective that the truth would be discovered and the ultimate punishment would also be decided.

It will be in the best interest of the global community at large that a concrete decision would be taken. This is the evidence that must be scrutinized properly in order to reach a probable conclusion.


Ukraine has already demanded the withdrawal of the Russian forces from the territory but it is not known if a concrete step would be taken in this respect.

The evidence is not completed and has to be taken into Accord Before any type of result is decided. This is going to increase the possibility of a better impact on the international community.

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