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Revolutionizing Men’s Moisturizer with Humor, Ambition, and the Super Bowl!



LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Fixup, a new men’s skincare brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its trailblazing moisturizer and sunscreen product. Slated for June 2023 and poised to disrupt the men’s skincare market, Fixup will infuse the industry with much-needed excitement and humor as seen in its launch video.

According to, men are twice as likely to die from melanoma, yet the industry’s lackluster marketing efforts have contributed to a dangerous disconnect. Men are much less likely to protect their skin, primarily due to the lack of engagement in the sunscreen space, the last notable innovation coming from Sun Bum.

The Fixup team recognizes that a cultural shift is taking place, with increasing numbers of men covertly adopting their partners’ skincare routines. Fixup aims to de-stigmatize men’s skincare, encouraging men to openly embrace skin health and sun protection with products designed specifically for them.

In an ambitious move to put Fixup on the map (and in space), the brand is launching a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding the world’s largest Super Bowl ad and sending the first moisturizer into orbit. This bold plan is not just about creating a brand buzz; it’s about sending a message on the importance of skincare to men everywhere.

Fixup is set to shake up the skincare industry — striving to become ‘the Dollar Shave Club’ of moisturizer — making men’s skincare more accessible, enjoyable, and downright essential.

While Fixup is undeniably on a mission to liven up the skincare sector, its ultimate goal is to ensure that every man takes a holistic approach to their health. Hitting the gym is just one part of self-care. It is time for men to embrace a 360° approach — healthy eating, mental health, emotional wellbeing, and of course, better skin protection.

Backed by a team of physicians (plastics, dermatology and urology), the company invites everyone to be a part of this skincare revolution and support their mission.

Learn more about Fixup here or contact CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Doe.
[email protected] 

SOURCE Fixup Moisturizer

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