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Written by Doug Hampton

Mathilde Lieber from the Calathéa wellness area (6 rue de la Halle) is a massage practitioner for women and especially those who are expecting a baby, because she is a Doula*. However, being pregnant herself, the time has come for her to go on maternity leave for a few months. Before leaving she confided that her concern was to find a professional to make her practice exist. It’s done with Barbara Sicsic who is a sophrologist and founder of “My Maternity Sophro”. Mathilde serene indicates “Barbara is therefore competent to support pregnant women because sophrology brings relaxation which makes it possible to evacuate the physical and psychic tensions that pregnancy can cause” and specifies “moreover when I return from my maternity leave we will put our joint services in order to best support women”. Barbara adds “in France we lack a lot of support for this moment in life”. She will be available on Mondays and Fridays and one Saturday per month, by appointment on 06 62 21 30 50; e.mail: [email protected]

*In another culture the Doula is the person who accompanies the pregnant woman from prenatal to postnatal.

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