Quésaco: the ‘snatched skin’, the technique that plumps up the skin without Botox

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Written by Doug Hampton

(ETX Daily Up) – No more scalpel and botulinum toxin injections, the new fashionable technique consists of using several radio frequency technologies to smooth, plump and firm the skin without fear of seeing your face frozen. The code name of this method that has gone viral: the ‘snatched skin’, also known as the ‘Beauty Sandwich’, which allows you to have a perfectly sculpted face – and that the stars are tearing off.

Have we found the ultimate method to fight against the signs of aging without having to perform injections? While botox is booming around the world – botulinum toxin injections represent 43% of all procedures in 2022 – a more ‘natural’ but equally effective treatment has been the subject of much discussion for several months : the ‘snatched skin’, in other words the pulled or lifted skin. A technique that we owe to the facialist of the stars Ivan Pol, as explained by Vogue magazine, who, according to his Instagram account, had in his expert hands celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, or Salma Hayek Pinault. Who would swear by this innovative method that allows you to sculpt the face without any injections.

But then, how does it work? The ‘snatched skin’ is obtained thanks to several radiofrequency devices which would make it possible to work the different layers of the skin via “heating pressure”, “suction movements”, and the application of a “secret” elixir, as the American women’s magazine explains. Everything is made to measure, according to the requests and needs of each, but always in the service of smoother, firmer and plumper skin, and a redefined face, as if sculpted, from the jawline to the eyebrows. passing – of course – through the cheekbones. And again, without fear of having your face swollen or frozen, or even of having marks that would betray a passage through the scalpel.

This method, which however concentrates above all on the lower face, one of the areas that slackens first over the years, would as a bonus stimulate the production of collagen, an essential anti-aging protein to fight against wrinkles and skin aging, and consequently reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Having gone viral, however, the technique only has “only” 330,000 views on the Chinese social network TikTok – compared to more than 6 billion for Botox – and for good reason… Its price, “in four figures” specifies Vogue, is not intended for all scholarships.

Among the advantages of the ‘snatched skin’, we note its immediate effects – hence the enthusiasm of many personalities before events or red carpets – but also its non-invasive and much more natural character than some other methods. On the other hand, its price can put off more than one, especially since a treatment done regularly is necessary for effects which are part of time – but will never be definitive. It now remains to know which technique is best suited to those who want to put an end to wrinkles and sagging skin, unless the solution lies in the acceptance of aging and proudly assuming the signs of time.

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