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POSSIBLE® Introduces Revolutionary Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout Powder



Introducing another product in the brands portfolio to enhance active lifestyles

PALMYRA, Wis., May 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — POSSIBLE, an innovator in active lifestyle products, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest breakthrough product, POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout. This cutting-edge pre-workout powder is set to revolutionize the fitness industry, providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a powerful energy boost to their workout routine.  POSSIBLE’s Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout is scheduled to hit the market on May 24th 2023.

POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout represents an exciting expansion of POSSIBLE’s active lifestyle product line. Crafted with meticulous care and strategically formulated at our one-of-a-kind Nutrition Innovation Center, this organic plant-based nutrition is powered by Standard Process, a trusted name in the field of dietary supplements. The product is formulated to support energy levels, mental focus, and with two servings, support for endurance performance. The product is conveniently packaged in single serving stick packs for easy on-the-go use.

At the heart of POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout is the hero ingredient, beets, grown on our organic family-run farm. The beets used in this formulation, combined with fermented beets, provide a natural source of nitrates.

In addition to the beets, POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout contains an array of carefully selected ingredients that offer distinct benefits. Caffeine, derived from Green Tea Extract, serves as a plant-based source of caffeine, enhancing mental focus by improving concentration during workouts. Camu Camu, another key ingredient, acts as a source of antioxidant vitamin C, providing support for the immune system. Quinoa Sprouts are a source of B-vitamins that support energy metabolism.  Furthermore, the Mushroom Blend in POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout features two of history’s most prized edible mushrooms; Cordyceps and Chaga. Cordyceps are a renowned ingredient in traditional Tibetan medicine known for its strength and vitality supporting properties.

“Our team at POSSIBLE is excited to introduce our Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout powder to the market,” said Simone DuBois, Director of Active Lifestyle Products at Standard Process. “We have combined whole-food, organic ingredients with scientific expertise to create a truly clean pre-workout that enhances your workout experience, as an alternative to other pre-workout drinks. With POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout, athletes of all levels can expect support for mental focus, energy levels and with two servings, support for endurance performance.”

POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout is a testament to POSSIBLE’s commitment to providing premium quality products that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. With its formulation and use of organic ingredients, this product exemplifies the company’s dedication to and their whole-food philosophy.

For more information about POSSIBLE Strawberry Beet Pre-Workout and to explore other products offered by POSSIBLE, please visit

A creation of legendary whole food innovator Standard Process, POSSIBLE leverages almost a century’s worth of science-based nutritional expertise. Every product within the line adheres to uncompromising standards for growing, using and processing only 100% organic, nutrient-rich ingredients.

About Standard Process
Standard Process is a family-owned, third-generation company that has been a leader in making whole  food-based supplements since 1929. From the company’s certified organic farm at its Palmyra, Wisconsin headquarters; to the Nutrition Innovation Center in Kannapolis, North Carolina; Standard Process is committed to clinical science that advances health and changes lives through whole food-based nutrition. Using regenerative farming practices and advanced manufacturing technologies designed to protect the vital nutrients found in each ingredient, Standard Process produces both raw materials and more than 300 high-quality supplements in its certified organic manufacturing facility. For more information about Standard Process and to find a health care professional who sells Standard Process products, visit


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