Physician’s Plan Adds Permanent Makeup Services to Mount Pleasant Location With Artist Tracy Gonzalez

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Written by Doug Hampton

Sunsafe and sweatproof permanent makeup services are now available at Physician’s Plan in Mount Pleasant, SC with artist Tracy Gonzalez

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C., May 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Physician’s Plan is proud to announce Permanent Makeup Services with artist Tracey Gonzalez at the Mount Pleasant, SC location.

With this new service, Mount Pleasant residents and visitors have access to a professional and reliable makeup solution that will help them enhance their own features and feel good in their own skin.

Ms. Gonzalez says “I have a passion for keeping up to date with the most advanced techniques. Gaining knowledge & using the highest quality products. Dedication to perfection in my work.”

These new permanent makeup services are designed with your safety in mind, and they’re sun-safe and sweat-proof.

Permanent makeup services now available include lip blush, powder brows, nano brows, shaded liner, and lash enhancement liner.

Lip Blush will enhance the natural beauty of the lips by improving the lip size, definition, color and by correcting and enlarging the shape.

Powder Brows is a special eyebrow shading technique that emphasizes the natural contours of the eyebrows. Unlike Microblading treatment where hairs are drawn, the technique creates a soft, natural look. It is suitable for all skin types.

Nano brows are created using a digital machine that creates hair-like strokes similar to microblading. Nano service is superior to Microblading in that it allows you to have fully saturated hair strokes with better retention, less trauma to the skin, and provides you with a smoother healing process.

Shaded liner will give you a subtle shaded pencil look that will accentuate and correct the natural shape of the eyes, and give the appearance of uplifted eyes.

The lash enhancement liner is used to add color to the lash line, either upper or lower, which makes the eyelashes look darker and fuller. This results in eyes that appear more awake and open, with a defined, brightened, and accentuated look. Anyone using mascara or eyeliner would like this treatment.

Ms. Gonzalez says “I work closely with you to create what will enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.”

Physician’s Plan in Mount Pleasant is located at 1705 Beaucastle Rd #101.

For appointments and more information call 843-606-3333 or visit

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