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Written by Doug Hampton

If you are worried about your balance tripping your body as you grow older, check out the Neuro Balance Therapy review. It claims to be a simple guide that reawakens your body’s balance nerves. 

Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews – A Balance Strengthening Protocol DVD Series!

Neuro Balance Therapy is a 10-15 informative session with an effortless procedure that helps the body revive the damaged veins, especially those responsible for balance. This set also includes a spiky rubber ball that helps regain strength in the foot. Neuro Balance Therapy program helps improve balance and brain-body coordination in the users. It is extremely effective with zero risks. 

This Neuro Balance Therapy review has been created with every detail regarding neurological imbalance, its causes, and treatment with therapy. Feel free to read the review before making a decision to purchase. 

Neuro Balance Therapy Review

Creator: Chris Wilson | Program Type: DVD | Use: Retain foot balance

Customer Rating: 4.6 / 5

What Is Neuro Balance Therapy?

As you grow older, the deep peroneal nerve in your foot starts to fail as well. It becomes feeble and affects your balance, tripping and falling down more times than usual. It can even commence a great fear of falling in some. 

Neuro Balance Therapy is a digital guide that will help you revive the nerves that are responsible for your foot balance. It includes a 10-15 minute session in the simplest method. Neuro Balance Therapy program package involves a tiny spiky ball that helps with the process. This therapy is effective for everyone, regardless of age or situation. 

Neuro Balance Therapy balance-strengthening protocol DVD series helps the person overcome sudden falls and fear of the same. This procedure is simple, therapeutic, and completely effective. 


Neuro Balance Therapy Creator

Chris Wilson is a balance and stability specialist. He is the creator of Neuro Balance Therapy, which gives out a full session for overcoming balance troubles.

After getting to know about the tiny rubber ball that helps bring back proper balance, he put together the whole procedure along with other effective methods into a single picture. The Neuro Balance Therapy DVD series is informative and worth the price.

You can follow the Neuro Balance Therapy review to know more about the program in detail.

Neuro Balance Therapy Creator


  • Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD
  • Neuro-Balance Therapy Spike Ball


  • The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home
  • The Downloadable Version Of the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program

Price: $37 – $47 | Availability: Official Website | Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days


How Does Neuro Balance Therapy Help To Revive Your Body’s Natural Ability To Move Around?

Neuro Balance Therapy is a guide video that helps improve the footing. The video contains relevant exercises and effective techniques to improve the nerves in the foot. Along with the exercises, the Neuro Balance Therapy package also comes with a spiky rubber ball to work with.

The ball is innovated with a nerve wake-up technology with crystallized spikes. These spikes gently release tension from the stimulated nerve in the foot. The Neuro Balance Therapy procedure takes about 10-15 minutes and is highly effective in correcting the footing and balance. 


What Causes Neurological Imbalances? 

Neurological imbalance is caused due to various reasons. It is usually seen as you get older. As you grow in age, the nervous system starts slowly breaking down in your body.

Losing balance is due to damage to the peroneal nerve. The peroneal nerve can be injured by trauma, nerve compression, knee fracture, or surgery. This causes the balance to wreak haywire and invokes fear of falling in these people. 


What Is Included In Neuro Balance Therapy DVD?

These are the products included in the Neuro Balance Therapy package;

Neuro Balance Therapy Components
  • Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

The entire routine and therapy, as provided by Chris in this DVD series, set out to reach a stable balance. They are exercise videos with light and uncomplicated movements. This helps you regain balance in the deep peroneal nerve by strengthening and reviving those nerves. This also helps you prevent falling and losing balance. Performing these activities every morning as advised will bring optimal results. 

  • Neuro-Balance Therapy Spike Ball

This therapy ball is unlike any other exercise ball. It is made of rubber, designed with a nerve-wakeup technology with multiple crystallized spikes. These spikes are responsible for releasing tension from the foot and activating the sleeping nerve. 


Benefits Of Neuro Balance Therapy Program

One thing that people want to know from Neuro Balance Therapy reviews is what the Neuro Balance Therapy benefits are.

These are the major benefits provided by the therapy program.

● Neuro Balance Therapy works efficiently by improving the state of your balance nerves and reverses age-related balance issues.

● It helps prevent frequent falls and unnecessary trippings. 

● Neuro Balance Therapy session helps you reach a stable and strong posture. 

● It enhances the coordination between the physical and mental states of the body.

● The Neuro Balance Therapy program only takes about 10-15 minutes of your time. 


Neuro Balance Therapy What To Like & What Not To Like

Neuro Balance Therapy Pros

● Neuro Balance Therapy protocol helps revive the deep peroneal nerve in the foot. 

● It helps regain lost footing and balance. 

● Neuro Balance Therapy guide uses simple and informative guidelines. 

● It is healthy, and effective and offers no complications. 

● Neuro Balance Therapy program only takes a few minutes of your time. 

Neuro Balance Therapy Cons

● Neuro Balance Therapy DVD can only be purchased from the official website. 

● It may be ineffective if the procedure is not followed correctly. 


Neuro Balance Therapy Customer Reviews & Complaints 

Refer to these Neuro Balance Therapy customer reviews to know what the real users are saying about the program.

These Neuro Balance Therapy reviews can help you to decide whether to buy the package or not.

  • Diana

After my fall 6 months ago, I was unable to properly walk on my feet without the fear of falling. It was only after I came across Neuro Balance Therapy that I was able to slowly get back on my feet. The exercises in the DVD were easy and incredibly effective. Not to mention the spiky ball that has awakened my feet with ease! 

  • Mathew

I am over 60 and my foot balance is constantly taking the wrong turn. My daughter bought me this Neuro Balance Therapy about a month back. I have been doing them daily and seeing improvements in my walk. I have a good balance which is worth the review!

  • Liam

I tripped twice over the last week. This made my confidence drop so low and my fear increased to a point that I would not get out of my bed. I came across this Neuro Balance Therapy about 2 weeks back. I have not seen huge groundbreaking results though. It is probably because I was too lax with the advised amount of exercise. 


Is Neuro Balance Therapy Worth Trying? 

Neuro Balance Therapy program provides an effective and uncomplicated treatment technique that helps the customer regain their lost balance. This is done by reviving the deep peroneal nerves and preventing unnecessary trips and falls. The Neuro Balance Therapy techniques used are effective and do not involve any dangerous methods.

Moreover, the Neuro Balance Therapy DVD package is far less pricey for the effectiveness it guarantees. It also provides an ironclad refund policy which you can return in case it does not seem satisfactory to you, within a period of 60 days.

Hence, the Neuro Balance Therapy DVD program is worth trying. 


Neuro Balance Therapy Pricing & Availability

The Neuro Balance Therapy price as per the official website is as follows:

Instant access to the Digital Version alone for $37

Physical DVD with spike ball along with free instant access to the Digital Version for $47

The Neuro Balance Therapy package is available only on the Neuro Balance Therapy official website with pleasing offers and bonuses. It cannot be purchased on any other platform, online or otherwise, with full authentication.

To ensure the Neuro Balance Therapy customers with promising results and to make them feel at ease, the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back policy. They are first offered a 60 days trial period within which they can test the Neuro Balance Therapy program and then apply for a refund, in case the product feels unsatisfactory. 


Neuro Balance Therapy Bonus

These are the Neuro Balance Therapy bonuses offered along with the Neuro Balance Therapy package.

Neuro Balance Therapy Bonuses

The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home

This contains foolproof techniques and tricks to improve the safety and security of your house. 

The Downloadable Version Of the Neuro-Balance Therapy Program:

This digital copy of the therapy series includes additional, illustrative information on the peroneal nerve and mental-to-physical connection. 


Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews – The Bottom Line

As per the details enlisted in this Neuro Balance Therapy review, we can conclude that Neuro Balance Therapy is a DVD series with guidelines for regaining balance and improving footing. The program is also 100% effective and helps repair the nerve that causes a neurological imbalance in the first place.

The Neuro Balance Therapy videos include simple exercises with the help of a special spiky ball that comes along with the package. The treatment requires only about 10-15 minutes per day and the Neuro Balance Therapy results are plainly visible in 12 weeks’ time. It does not have any complicated or risky steps involved and is usually deemed safe.

After considering every part of the program in detail, the Neuro Balance Therapy balance strengthening protocol DVD series can be concluded as a worthy program to try. 


Customer Enquiries

1. Where can I get Neuro Balance Therapy? 

The Neuro Balance Therapy package is only available on the official website.

2. How much time does it take for the therapy? 

It takes about 10-15 minutes every day. 

3. What nerve is responsible for losing balance? 

The common peroneal nerve is responsible for the neurological imbalance. 

4. Is it available in digital format? 

Yes, it is available for purchase in a digital format with a cost of $37. 

5. Does it involve any rigorous exercises? 

No, the therapy consists of simple and light exercises which is easy to perform.

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